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Blizzard Arcade F2P

The Arcade grants access to several game mods which can be treated as standalone games due to the drastic changes and work users pour in them by using the development tools also provided with the mods, from modelling to coding tools, so players can really create new games by using blizzard assets.

- Complete game mod tools.
- Player-made games and mods with modified maps.
- Blizzard official mods.
- Completely free.

Both players and developers are tied together in this product, game modders will gain access to a lot of Blizzard tools and assets and they will be able to create very unique games, while players will gain access to all of them for free, which increases the number of players on each game allowing for multiplayer sessions to take place all the time.

Blizzard developers have put together a bunch of games with their great skill for players to enjoy, among them are:

Left 2 Die – it's a twist of the well-known left 4 dead where players work together to kill waves of zerg during night, repairing their base during day while going go to cleanse the are from zerg activity.

Aiur Chef – a cooking game where players must gather ingredients while fighting against other players, it's pretty unique and fun and has food in it, come on!

Starjeweled – it's a version of the classic jewelled with 2 players facing each other as a pure multiplayer tetris with a twist, they have access to resources which are gained by completing colors and shapes, then they can use those points to release combos and mess with the other player.

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