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**NO LONGER FREE TO PLAY* Team-based Strategy




Trion Worlds


Atlas Reactor takes place in a future in which companies hire skilled mercenaries to do any work for money; the best mercenaries become celebrities and players can control them in exciting PvP battles. In the game you can fight in exciting strategic turn based battles, where the turns are simultaneous, which means that all the actions that players take happen at the same time.


Fight turn-based combats with simultaneous turns

Several different characters

Wide variety of skills and talents

Several maps and game modes

Free-to-Play game


Atlas Reactor takes traditional turn based strategy and removed the waiting time, where in other games players take it in turns to choose their actions, reacting off their opponents and teammates previous choices, in Atlas Reactor everyone takes their turn at the same time making the PVP matches fast paced and intense. The matches are typical team based, focusing primarily on PVP with two teams squaring off against each other with the ultimate goal of “killing” off all their opponents.


The four turn phases in the game are:

Movement – With the mouse players can choose which square/location they wish to move to on the map, players can also create a path with various waypoints to give a more accurate movement for the character; choosing carefully which tiles they step on to avoid potential traps and environmental hazards. The Movement is the last phase to occur in the round, meaning players can't simply move away from an area that is being attacked using their standard movement.

Blast – Blast Phase is when most of the attacks happen, but most importantly this is resolved before Movement, so when targeting an enemy in the Blast phase, they won't simply be able to use their standard movement to dodge it. Similarly the player will only move after they have made their attack, by choosing their action in the Blast Phase and then choosing where they wish to move, once locked in and the turn is active the player will shoot then move.

Dash – The Dash Phase is resolved before the Blast Phase, this allows players to use move/dodge abilities to get out of a position where the enemy will be attacking in order to avoid taking damage; due to this players sometimes have to pre-empt where a target may be moving to, if the attackers didn't predict this, they will simply fire where they thought the character would be even after they have evaded.

Prep – The Prep phase is the fist phase of each round, and is primarily used to buff and protect allies or setup traps, enabling players to potentially lay down a trap before an enemy Evades meaning they may move over it.


Each character has four unique abilities including one ultimate ability, used by build-up Energy from using their normal abilities, which generally define the type of character they are from melee to ranged, whether they are damaged focused or more support characters. Each of these characters has a detailed background and their own lore where they are the most wanted Freelancers in Atlas City, in a futuristic megacity that with its stylized look of both the world and characters really gives the game a lot of personality that is instantly identifiable from other games.

Lockwood – The smooth and slippery gunman Lockwood is the highest paid on the bunch, an old hand he's still quick on his feet and even quicker on the draw and with a keen eye and a trick shot then there's no cover he can't bounce his shot around.

Garrison - Garrison is a walking tank, equipped with a heavily suited war hero uses his heavy Piston Punch attack to deal some serious melee damage, and uses his missile launcher attacks to take out enemies from a distance.

PuP – One of the last sentient AI, this robot dog is fellow Freelancer Zuki' companion, but he's a little fighter in his own right with a huge mechanical bite coming from such a cute and cuddly fellow, he has a Walkies ability to leash enemies and drag them to a new location.

Zuki – The “Belle of the Bomb” to her fans, this pint sized engineer loves nothing more than making things and blowing them up; with a bunch of missile and mine strikes and a mini nuke, she can also use her rocket pack to quickly get out of stick situations.



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