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Colonies Online is a Science-Fiction MMORPG with some sandbox elements which takes players as space settler, allowing them to explore, colonise planets and get into war in order. They can create outposts along with other players, gather space resources, manufacture items, conduct I+D and fight in large-scale battle.

- Top-side view
- Deep crafting system
- One universe with tons of planets
- Planet surface building
- Complex character skill development system
- Open PvP
- Large-scale battles up to 100 players

The market is completely player-driven since everything is made by players for players thanks to a sophisticated crafting system. Items lose durability when used and there are terminals to restore it to its initial value.

Is the usual party from 2 up to 10 members and it has the common squad chat channel, players can leave the squad at any time to join another or create their very own one.
Rewards from monster killing are granted equally among all squad members who have taken part in the battle.

Consisting of an infinite number of planets with a huge area within each one of them, players will be able explore all type of landscapes and interact with the environment. Depending on the players' actions, the number and strength of the monsters on each planet will change over time.

Characters obtain professions which are sets of certain skills. The in-depth profession and the skill tree is determined by the player. So there are no levels.

ILUs (individual landing units) are bases that help players on dangerous planets. They are a requirement to hop on to a particular sector. Once the sector is full of ILUs it becomes unavailable for landing to players who are not there yet. Only way to get there is being in a squad with one of the ILU's owner.

Players can purchase packs with sets of armour and weapons that will help in the beginning. There are also Contribution Packs, enabling purchasers to take part in the development process. None of these items will affect the game balance as developers are determined to not make a Pay-to-Win game.

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