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RF Online is a free MMO that mixes elements of classic medieval fantasy and futuristic sci-fi in one compelling game that focuses on the never-ending conflict between three major races and other factions that inhabit the planet Novus. Each race has unique features that makes the game holds much replayability, each race offering a completely different type of game.


- Three unique races: Cora Holy Alliance, Accretia Empire and the Bellato Union
- Battle Dungeons; instanced dungeons with their own objectives
- Four different playable classes: Ranger, Spiritualist, Warrior and Specialist
- “Forces” enable Spiritualists to use different elemental aspects to cast magic
- In-depth crafting and resource gathering mechanics for player created items
- “Archon” system where players can be elected to help run and improve their race
- Quest and mob based XP lets players level up their characters
- Arranged Guild E-Sports “Circle Zone Scramble” where guilds compete in PvP
- Race v Race (RvR) Chip Wars


A race against the clock these instanced Battle Dungeons are for a group of up to eight players to complete a given objective within an specific time limit. Accessed through gateway portals a group must acquire a gateway generator (gained from PvE) at which point they can access the dungeon, within are creatures that are considerably strong .

Upon entering the mission briefing will appear and the countdown will begin, each dungeon has its own mission which will either be a “Kill the Dungeon Boss”, “Kill <Number> of Monster” or “Solve a Puzzle”. If the dungeon is completed within the time limit then rewards are given to the successful group and a portal home is opened, however, if the objective is not completed or not done in time then the group receives nothing.


The three races of RF Online each hold significant unique elements to them, the story and culture of a race is vastly different between that of its enemies and these differences are apparent throughout many features of the game. Firstly while three of the four classes are available to all the races each class looks and acts very differently for each race. Throughout the levelling process each class will have unique promotion ranks once you hit a set level (e.g. level 30/40) that give different new class skills depending on your chosen race.

MAU Equipment
These epic field armour suits are available to the Bellato Union, though not originally made or intended for battle, these suits now bolster the Bellator soldiers.

Only available to the Accretians, these massive rocket launchers are bigger than any average man could hold and have unstoppable firepower.

With holy beliefs the Cora have access to the Animus; subservient almost angelic beings to benefit the one who summoned it. As a Cora grows in strength so too will the Animus they are able to call forth.


The four classes available are Warrior, Ranger, Spiritualist and Specialist. All but the Spiritualist are available to all races, the Accretia do not have access to it.

As expected the Ranger is one of your ranged classes, able to spec short and long-range weapons or into trap finding scout class with long range weapons, the Accretia's “Gunner” is the promotion that allows you to use Launchers.

Primary melee class with access to axes, swords, daggers and more. Depending on the race chosen your Warrior may be able to promote into a different sub-class and gain new class skills,each has similar play styles as their counterparts but still having different class skills.

Magic casters able to use various “forces”, different elemental aspects of magic. Available only to Cora and Bellato their level 30 profession ranks consist of focusing on attack powers or support powers. The Summoner is the only role who can summon the Animus.

The primary crafter and resource gathering class, Specialists are able to make a manner of different constructs such as weapons and armour. The Bellato specialists can also be a “Driver” who are responsible for operating their MAU's.

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