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Battle for Gea F2P

Battle for Gea is a free to play trading card MMO game in which players can create a deck and confront rivals from all over the world in turn-based strategic battles. Players can create and customize their decks by buying and selling cards, and fight in a detailed story driven PvE campaign where you'll discover the lore of the game while you fight against terrible AI controlled enemies.


More than 300 different cards
10 different armies
Deep strategic game system
Trades and sell cards to get the cards you need
Complete a PvE campaign and fight in PvP tournaments
Free-to-play browser game


The game revolves in the struggle between factions to conquer the lands of Gea, a conflict that lasts since immemorial times, in which the forces of good and evil try to defeat the other. These armies of angels and demons were originally separated from the world by a veil that kept them in two separate kingdoms, but after the destruction of the veil, the world was thrown into chaos and war ensued for total control of Gea itself.


Players embody the General of one of the many armies who now fight for the control of Gea, and who will use different types of cards to form their own deck. Players will have to use tactics quick strategic thinking to overcome her opponents in turn based battles.


The cards that players an collect come in three key types:

General - Each army is led by a general, a hero who has a morale value (basically his health), control points and unique abilities that affect all the units in his army.

Support - Support Cards provide units with passive skills that improve their performance in combat.

Troops - Troops are classified into 4 types of units: Colossus, infantry, cavalry and projectiles. These cards are those who fight for you on the battlefield, and each of them has a Damage value, a Strength value and one or more combat skills.


Each round players take it in turns to attack the enemy, choosing their attacking unit the opposing player will choose any available defending Combat Cards and the two will go in a head-to-head fight. Each Combat Card has two key values; Strengths and Damage, it is the Strength value that is the most important initially as whichever card has the highest Strength value will win that particular fight, though various abilities gained from the Combat Card itself or Support and Generals cards can enhance this value, as well as spending the Generals' Combat Points.

Whichever card has the highest strength after all the enhancements and modifications have been made is the winner and the Damage value of that card is dealt directly to the Morale pool of the General.


Players can get various types of currencies playing the PvE campaign and fighting against other players, which can be used to buy Decks and Booster Packs that will expand your collection and then combine various cards to create a powerful deck to take into battle. As the game is free to play currency can be earned both playing the game and paying real money.

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