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Dragons call 2 F2P

Dragons Call 2 is an f2p massive RPG that runs on a browser, in it, players will travel through different kingdoms and lands, fighting off horrendous creatures and gruesome monsters, acquiring new loot and gear, improving their character by unlocking new skills, wearing powerful gear and such.


- Three different classes .
- Questing mechanics, with XP and gold among other rewards.
- Neat side-scrolling 2D graphics.
- PvE / PvP events and many activities to keep players busy.
- Casual automated combat.


Questing is the base of the game, being PvE focused mainly. Players can travel through the world, picking and completing quests, and getting rewards in exchange, the game is pretty much built around combat, still once it has begun it goes automatically to the end to avoid losing time.

The players have to develop their characters, improving them by earning new and shiny gear, levelling up, and partying with kindred gamers. Together they can fight world bosses, take on huge quests and even fight each other for reputation.


The Warrior is a defender, a tough fighter who can block attacks and stop enemies from getting to his allies.

The Assassin is the classic hit and run classic, high dps, low armor, and very evasive, dodging and quick strikes are their weapons.

The Mage controls the elements to inflict serious damage to those around him.


Players fight against the several monsters and bosses for XP and gold. There is also the challenge mode where bosses come in a specific order, but each boss require the character to have a specific level, so they will be unlocked over time as characters level up.

Dragon Lair
Destroy six dragons, find their lairs and kill them, you will earn Crystals in return, which are used to improve weapons.

World Bosses
World bosses spawn twice a day, so players can kill them and earn glory, xp and other rewards, the dps you inflicted to the boss is what determines its quantity.
Players can challenge others to a Duel that will reward XP and gold pieces, players in the arena can be challenged by simply clicking on them.

Death Match
Once a day players are able to join a deadly match where they will be randomly put into a party with other players, gaining Reputation and some gold in the process is always a good thing.


There are several levels of membership which increases by purchasing stuff from the shop with real mone, each level grants further benefits than the previous one, being a nice goal to eventually achieve the highest level.

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