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Battle Knight F2P

Battle Knight is a f2p browser game where you can become a paladin in shining armour or a dark robber knight that doesn’t know any laws.


The game features character levels, and higher levels will allow players to purchase better equipment for their knight (or knight-in-training). Each day, knights will be able to perform missions, duel other knights, work for silver, and train their skills by spending their hard-earned silver coins.

Players can choose to walk the path of light or dark – chivalry or evil. Different paths result in different types of missions, but no side has a particular advantage.


Your opponents will face you with a horse and a lance. Every 24 hours a tournament takes place. Before each tournament you have to determine hits and defence zones.


The battle of Good against Evil dominates the millennia in all its varieties. You are a squire in the dark middle ages, determined to learn the martial art and become a knight. It is up to you whether you walk on the dark side and become a dreaded and merciless knight or on the light side, becoming an honourable and respected knight. Every decision you make determines the path you are taking, so choose wisely and walk on the path that has been foreseen to you.

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