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Battlecry F2P

BattleCry is a free to play MMO where two teams of 16 players fight against one another in exciting PvP battles. In the game you can choose different factions and many different classes. The game is set in a unique setting with a very unique graphical style.


Team based PVP combats
Up to 32 players per battle
Choose between multiple factions
A lot of different classes with unique combat styles
A original world setting
Action combat
Free to play


In BattleCry players will align themselves with one faction and choose between multiple classes as they enter in brutal WarZones to fight for their faction in an attempt to maintain peace. The maps combine positioning, spacing and verticality to offer a multitude of tactics and strategies that play as advantages and disadvantages of the different classes. As players fight in the WarZones they'll earn iron that can be spent to upgrade their characters as well is gaining levels which will further unlock new abilities as they advance.


At the beginning of the 20th century world war that nearly decimated every surviving nation marks a change in how war would be conducted in the future, the new Black Powder Treaty banned gunpowder and prompted the advancement of Pansophic technology; utilising kinetic energy and weaponizing it.

Still suffering from the destruction of the old war the surviving nations agreed to settle their disputes in a more cost-effective manner, using trained elite soldiers that would enter premade WarZone areas who could fight for their faction and their wins or losses be used to determine the outcome of battle instead of suffering the cost in both money and loss of millions of lives that war so often claims.


The game has currently two playable factions: the Cossacks and the Royal Marines, each faction has a different style and feel to their classes, but they are simply the first of many factions that will be released as the game continues development and even after release.

Cossacks - Breaking away from their Russian and Polish rulers, the Cossacks have now created their own independent Kingdom; already fighting to break free off their vassal title they now continue this fight to further strengthen their fledgling Empire

Royal Marines - The Royal Marines are the group used by the United Kingdom to keep hold of and expand their Empire. These infamous redcoats have been used throughout the countries' history and now continue to use their expertise in war to solidify and legitimise their Empire.


There are currently five released classes that will be available to play, and Bethesda has plans to expand the roster of classes both pre-and post-release of the game:

Brawler - This once traditional fighter has been upgraded with large mechanical arms that are used to crush and pummel his victims in bloody and brutal melee attacks.

Duellist – Equipped with two blades this stealthy and cunning fighter uses stealth, patience and timing to move in and out of battle. The Duellist also uses a cloaking device which allow him to slip behind the enemy lines and kill unsuspecting victims.

Enforcer - Equipped with a huge sword that can deal impressive amounts of damage in melee combat and a personalised energy shield this fearsome melee fighter is perfecto to protect their allies and inspire them with powerful battlecries.

Gadgeteer - Equipped with a wide variety of gadgets the Gadgeteers are a versatile combatants prepared for any situation, as well as being equipped with a magnetic gun to finish their enemies.

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