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Dawngate F2P

Dawngate is a free to play MOBA which brings a new flexible system for players to build their own champions from the ground up, they can select base characters to then customize them to their needs by tweaking the template builds that are provided.

- 25 different “Shaper” characters
- Play the role you want on the champion you want
- Team based PVP
- Customize your loadouts for each match depending on your role
- Free to play

The game has the basis of the standard MOBA but brings a new layer to it, replayability is the key in this game where you can play the same map several times but having different objectives and ways of winning it doesn't get old.

Also there is the possibility to create and customize your heroes from their skills to their loadout. The game is a 5 on 5 players vs players time of game with the final goal of defeating the enemies' base guardian, but there are other things to do and goals to accomplish scattered through the map.

The map has a huge jungle divided into 3 parts and only 2 lanes. Waves of minions will travel through both lanes attack enemy minions, towers and other buildings they find along the way.

There are also spirit wells which are resource spots that once captured will provide the team with an extra boost on resources, there is also a big boss on the center of the map which has 3 states each one harder than the previous one.

Gladiator – The carrier role which gets extra “vim” when killing minions.
Tactician - The support role that gets “vim” by harassing the enemy and creating killing opportunities.
Hunter – The jungler role which is obviously specialized and get bonuses for playing in the jungle and killing the monsters located at camps there.
Predator – The assassin role that gets “vim” for killing or help killing enemies, they are harassing the enemy all the time coming up from nowhere.

Players can also tweak their champions gear, they use spiritstones to achieve that, which is a mix between crafting and gemming that grants new skill and item slots, there are different stones for different skill or item types that have to be filled with sparks of the same color in order to being able to activate it.

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