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In Big Farm you start as a farmer, and the first challenge you will have to overcome is turning a sterile plot of land into a thriving and profitable business. The game is free to play and is played on a browser, it has mmo features so you will be playing along with many other players through the internet, you will be able to help others and they can help you, it's a cooperative game where you will end up being a close friend with your neighbours.

You can manage all things related to farms, constructing buildings, feeding your animals, selling the stuff you manufacture and expanding your land to grow bigger. There are quests, challenges and tasks that will lead you and grant you bonuses as you play.


- Main storyline that unfolds as you progress
- Vivid colors and comic style graphics
- Tasks, challenges and quests to fulfil
- Micromanage your assets and your business and buy and sell to get rich
- Your actions affect other players and the market
- Frequent events and competitions
- Work with other players to help get the most from your farms
- Completely free and playable on a browser

You will have to build your business from scratch, expand your plot of land, build new and better buildings and increase the number of fields you have if you want to get a nice incoming to keep growing, there are still a lot of variables to keep in mind, your workers have to be happy to get the best production rate, and you can't put all the buildings since the land is very limited, so you have to choose carefully which ones you want to use.

Once you have levelled up and you got more land you can build more stuff, there are some tasks or quests from NPC that ask you to build specific buildings so leave always room for that.

You can produce a wide array of products like flowers, crops and more, which you can use at your own farm or sell them to other players, as always when you level up you get to manufacture and grow new items. The production process takes time and each building can only manufacture one product at a time, that can be fixed by spending gold to instantly complete the production.

Player Economy
The game uses dollars as a coin that can be used to buy and sell items, it can be obtained by selling, completing tasks or quests and reaching some milestones.

There is another currency in the game which is called gold, it's the one you use for speeding up building constructions or completing manufacturing process, you can earn it over time as you level up but can also be purchased with real money.

The game is based on social features allowing players to join or create a cooperation which is a guild with the common features you would expect from it, members can help each other completing tasks and quests as well as trading items and chat.

There are non-player characters in the game that will guide you in the game and also try to help you out, they can be business managers, farm owners, newspaper reporters and many more. Each one has its own background story and quest line that progresses as you move forward.

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