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In Gladiatus the players get in the ropes of an arena gladiator, the goal is simple enough, stay alive, they will have to earn gold to acquire gear and train to be the best in the arena, either exploring in the wilderness beyond Romes city walls, fighting in the Arena, performing tasks and missions for tavern keepers and battling terrifying monsters this game will really catch your interest.

Gladiatus is a free browser game set in classic Rome and players are a Gladiator that has earned his freedom already. So the gladiators will be able to move freely but also to get back and fight in the arena where they belong, arena combats will automatically resolve themselves in around ten minutes, ideal for playing in an open tab on your computer or on a tablet.

The game itself is broken down into different area types: Towns and Wilderness, both offering different features and gameplay options.
- Towns: Here you can fight in the Arena in PvP, tweak your toon by training your skills, buying weapons and gear, get and complete quests or visit a number of shops from Alchemists to Jewellers. You can buy items or trade at the Auction House.
- Wilderness: Explore the world or tackle barbarian villages, pirate harbours and bandit camps.

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