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Black Gold Online is a free mmo game which features cross-genre gameplay, including FPS and third-person shooter. The game was created inspired by the myths of Northern Europe, it mixes the magic-filled world of fantasy with steampunk where players will be able to trigger over 3,000 dynamic events and actions that can actually affect the world. Characters are also capable of changing the playstyle by piloting armoured mechs in combat, creating a variety of fun and different encounters in PvE and PvP.


- Huge and immersive world
- Wide array of classes and races
- cross-genre gameplay mixing RPG, FPS and TPS in one title
- endless conflict possibilities offering multi-dimensional warfare
- player actions truly affect the game world
- homebrew game enqgine that brings the FPS and TPS PoV together
- completely free-to-play


The giant continent of Montel is divided in half by a range of nearly impassable mountains. On one side you have the Kingdom of Isenhorst, inhabited by an alliance comprised of vampires, dwarves and humans, while on the other live the Erlandirs, a union of Koshites, Yutonians, and shapeshifters.


The Buvontians are humans from the western part of the continent. Long time ago they followed a dwarven adventurer to Isenhorst chasing technology.

Their history is filled with individuals forsaking the gods for science and technology. Their contant focus led to the development of the world's most impressive steam technology.

As a consequence of the Kosh's Curse of Blood, some humans were transformed into something else. This new race became known as the Erlongdian vampires.

The Sun God-worshipping Kosh are the rulers of the western continent. They harness the power of the elements granted by the Sun God.

(More information about this race will come.)

(More information about this race will come.)


There will be six different and faction-bound classes. Isenhorst faction offers the Mystic Inquisitor, and Tech Adept, the Erlandir Union features the Alchemist, Demon Hunter, and Elementalist.


Black Gold main focus is large-scale battles and therefore offers open world PvP between the two factions, there are also large-scale world events involving team PvP, such as town sieges and the Energy Well, which may turn a whole area into a battlefield.

There will be arenas to create a more competitive environment for players to engage in PvP and show their skills.


There are three types: Land, Water and Air. There are currently 32 battle vehicles; 18 are personal battle vehicles while 14 are only for use in the Energy Well battle. Battle vehicles can only be used in the open world PvP.

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