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HUNT: Horrors of the Gilded Age F2P

In this action packed free to play multiplayer RPG players have to work together in a team of four to hunt monsters of myths and legends using customizable arsenals, in spectacular maps recreated by the powerful Crytek engine.


Cooperative game
Lots of exciting and hazardous environments
Deadly monsters and terrible and intelligent bosses
Customize the appearance and abilities of your characters
Customize your gear and your weapons
Graphics created with Crytek engine


In 1800 the world is about to make a technological leap, thanks to the appearance of electricity, steam machines and the railway, but this progress is being slowed by the emergence of dark and sinister creatures believed to be nothing more than stories, myths and legends. Those men and women who know the truth, the hunters, are not afraid to put themselves in danger to keep the darkness at bay, and defeat the most horrific and evil creatures known to man.

Players must work in teams of four to fight in exciting fights where they'll have to hunt down enemies, until they end up with them. They will have to advance through a wide variety of maps, scenarios, monstrous creatures and lethal bosses with advanced AI that will be a challenge for even the best hunters.

The difficulty of the fighting scaled depending on the amount of players in the team, each with their own skills and style to bring to the group. The more players the greater the challenge as combat is scaled up and whilst going in alone is possible the intelligent AI bosses will likely be too big an obstacle for most players.


The world is a sinister and dark place, covered in shadows, where hunters go with great courage, typically hunting down some well-known creature of legend, journeying through spooky forests, creepy cemeteries, abandoned backwater villages and even trekking through the swamps of the Louisiana Bayou. Each of these places this recreated with surprising realism, with lighting effects and stunning shades and more will all add to the atmospheric experience of the game.

With a random content generation system, the game will create maps in which environments and enemies can be different every time, which gives the game an extensive replayability factor.


At the start of a map, players will receive a variety of randomly generated missions, typically revolving around the main folklore boss creature that they have been sent to track down, picking up clues along the way until they reach a final showdown. However, there are a number of optional side quests that players can uncover through the gameplay offering up a more sandbox element to the levels.


With dozens of weapons, modifications and items, players can customize the gear and the weapons of his hunters. As well as this players can customize the look and the skills of their characters with a variety of outfits and skills to make them unique. Play everything, from a six shooter toting Jesse James cowboy style Hunter, a more traditional crossbow wielding Van Helsing, to a scientist who embrace technology and use the secrets of electricity and even flamethrowers.

Players need to be really careful with their ammo, since although these weapons can easily defeat their enemies, the reload time is very high, and the ammunition is very limited.


When players die in the game they respawn randomly somewhere on the map, , trapped in a room locked inside a coffin or even strung upside down to a pillar in the middle of the swamp waiting for their teammates to come and free them up.

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