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Blade & Soul is a martial arts massive RPG based in Asian lore and legends, players will start an epic journey to fight evil and find your inner strength, join other heroes and play together in this high quality game.

- Martial arts for PvP and PvE
- Four races and six classes
- High quality world torn by war
- Fast-paced action combat

The game is focused on PvE allowing players to team up and fight monsters and enemies to complete quests, but they also have the possibility to flag themselves as PvP and attack and be attacked by other players.

Gon – They come from dragons and are ferocious opponents being able to go down the path of destroyer or kung fu master.

Jin – They are curious and intelligent and are the legacy of the black tortoise, they can be assassins, kung fu masters or blademasters.

Kun – They're bound to phoenix and they're all females, they can go down blade masters' path or force masters.

Lyn – A very unique race who talk to spiits hence being able to be summoners and the most common Force Masters.

Assassin – They use daggers to deal high amount of damage in quick attacks then using stealth to get away and stalk over their next prey.

Blademaster – they habe the perfect balance between damage and defence and some short ranged attacks.

Destroyer – They specialize in dealing damage to groups in a heavy way with a powerful and big weapon.

Force Master – They have unique proficiencies such as ranged attack and high defend which is not commonly seen, they get them by using elemental power.

Kung Fu Master – They use their own hands to attack but what's most important, they can stand a a lot of damage.

Summoner – They are the only ones able to summon elementals and other powers of nature to help them in battle.

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