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The Chosen F2P

The Chosen is a free to play fantasy MMORPG set in the ancient China. Players will be the heroes who fight a fierce war between Good and Evil. Face dangerous threats like bandits and monsters or challenge other players in fast-paced arena challenges. Summon your pets to help you, defeat your enemies and become the chosen.


- Choose 1 of the game's 5 Dynasties, each one controlling one particular element
- Deep and complex pet system
- Different PvP options like Arena Battles/Duels/Nation Wars
- Your class is defined by the weapon you choose, and every weapon has its own style
- Auto-combat feature


You'll be invincible and powerful if you have an excellent Mount. All the skilled players have their own special mount! You will receive your first mount at level 20 in a gift pack -- check bags frequently as you level! You want to make sure you bind your horse at the mount administrator. Feed the mount to raise its level and initialize it to raise its skills level.


You will have to choose 1 of the game's 5 Dynasties. Each Dynasty controls one of the 5 elements listed below, but don't' worry all Dynasties are on equal footing when it comes to gameplay. Choose carefully, because these will become the people you fight alongside with and alse each Dynasty can elect one king and fights weekly for the title of “The Chosen”.


There are 6 weapons in the game: Sword, Blades, Scroll, Flute, Fan and Bow. All classes have 6 single target skills and 6 AOE spells; where you place your skill points determines how your class will play out.

Tank or DPS spec with skills like “Leopard Dodge” and “Lions Roar”.

Tank or DPS spec with skills such as “Taunt” and “Battle Cry”.

Healing or DPS class with a large single target heal called “Mix paper Magic Healing” as well as a powerful group heal.

Another alternative pure magic spec with a lot of very visual spells including a useful spell to make your enemy asleep called Soul Control.

Pure magic DPS with great PvP spells such as “Sluggish Sense” (to slow your enemy) and “Power Reduction” that reduces their attack strength.

A well-rounded class for players that want a strong character as well as the benefit of a long ranged attack. With Skills such as “Life Binding Arrow” which causes high damage and potentially stops the target from healing.


The Pet system is a feature which allows you to train a Pet and take it into battle with you. Another cool thing you can do is allow your Pet to Possess your body which will augment your strengthen your power. Different pets have different attributes, to get the best out of your pet you will have to level it up. You'll have 5 pet blanks at first but you can buy extra pet blank in the virtual Shop. When you feed your pet refined grains and meat, you'll get a chance to raise star level of your pet every time you feed it.

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