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Blood and Jade F2P

Blood and Jade is a free game massive RPG with an eastern theme, focused on China to be more specific, players will control characters with the power of their chosen goddess along with their own skills that will help them achieve glory and fame.

- Martial arts fights on an epic scale.
- Use the power of your goddess.
- Join a guild and be part of massive battles against other guilds.
- Amazing graphics and deep and a rich storyline brings you to an ancient era.
- Ability to talk and fight with heroes and legends from China history.

The combat system is very responsive giving you the feel of a real martial arts fight, you can fight against friends or defeat enemies both npc or enemy guilds in huge battles.

Players can enchant their gear and weapons improving their winning chances or the abilities of their mounts.

Goddesses are like factions and players must favour them by completing quests or events to increase the likeness of the Goddess to join them, still players will have to keep working on that relations to keep the Goddess happy.

There is a premium membership that's easily obtainable by purchasing a VIP card in the game shop, there are added benefits for being a premium member, new coins will be available and earned freely and powerful items can be purchased with them on the store.

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