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War of angels F2P

War of Angels is gamigo's new f2p 3D MMORPG. There are no monthly subscription fees and no purchase is necessary to play. Register now and explore an exciting new fantasy world with a unique look. Fight not just on land but also underwater and also in the air. Join up with other players to explore massive dungeons, become leader of your own guild and conquer the guild city. Build your own economy and rule your own town! Whether you're looking for PvP or PvE - War of Angels has it all!

Spread your wings and explore the fascinating and boundless world of War of Angels! where your journey begins in Eners and from there you can set out to explore new and exciting areas with more creatures. Fight your way through dark forests and over mysterious mountains, explore dangerous dungeons and work your way through to your ultimate goal: your own guild city in the province of Foulos!

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