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Free-to-play RPG/Puzzle MMO


Web browsers


Wyse Games


In this challenging and fun MMO players accompany the writer Richard Castle and the detective Kate Beckett to solve mysterious cases of murder, as we can see in the 'Castle' TV show starring Nathan Fillion and Stana Katic. In the game players will see the story as if they were an spectator, but they'll be in charge of finding clues and evidences at various puzzle based crime scenes to find the murders.


Intriguing murder mystery storyline
Charismatic and funny dialogues
Puzzles that will challenge players
Get resources and buy decorations for your Police Department
Completely free-to-play
Browser Game


The main premise of the game is players are investigators trying to uncover the murderers behind a variety of police cases, following a story driven narrative where Castle and Beckett will meet with suspects, witnesses and their own colleagues players are taken on a journey of comedy, drama and intrigue capturing the elements of the show. The narrative between characters is automated with no options for players to choose the flow of questioning, however, players are directly involved in searching the crime scenes.


For each case players will have a handful of crime scenes that they must investigate looking for clues, the setup is a search and find puzzle where the screen is filled with hundreds of possible items and the players are supplied with a list of items that they must try and find. The items are often cleverly placed, partially hidden and mixed up with all the other objects on the screen and players must try to find all the items from a list, including a final key evidence item revealed at the end, all within a set time limit. To help them players can buy or unlock various tools to make the job easier; a Pointer to highlight a single item, a Multi-hint to reveal all the current items for a short period of time and a Timer that will give players longer to search.

Each scene had 5 stars that players can earn, to earn a star players must earn a set amount of XP for that particular crime scene; each subsequent star requiring not only more XP to unlock but also adds more items to find during the search making it even harder! Players can gain booster XP from a booster bar that constantly depletes from a 6x boost, 5x boost, 4x and so on; each time a player finds an item on the list the boost bar replenishes a little and so the sooner players find the next item the more XP they will earn towards their star and more Dollars to spend.


Stars are an important resource used for progressing the story, particularly between puzzles where the characters may need to interrogate a suspect or use forensics on a discovered item; spending Stars will advance the plot but these actions still take time to complete. Players can instantly complete these actions if they spend Gold premium currency, or they can wait until there is only ten minutes left and then instantly complete the action for free.


With successful crime scene investigations as well as progressing the narrative players will also earn Dollars, used for buying various furniture items to decorate the police department. With these items players increase their Comfort (their level) and unlock new rooms that will generate boosts, search tools and other resources over time.


Web Browser

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