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Chobots is an entertaining free to play virtual world, a family game aimed at creating an interesting, safe and learning environment for kids, with an emphasis on players becoming friends and communicating eachother, the whole social stuff. Chobots has numerous minigames for both single-players and multiplayer teams to compete in.


“Once upon a time faraway in the Universe there was a life-giving energy. The citizens of the adjacent planet called it Cho…”


A free MMORPG that is made for kids, teaching life lessons and social skills instead of brutally murdering animals and fantasy characters. Chobots has all the color, charm and simplicity to make itself stand out from other cutesy, anime-adult MMORPGs. Kids ages 8-14 and their parents are its market, with its creators claiming that Chobots is educational and family-friendly.


- Join the biggest Kid’s Community of Earth Researchers! Chat and Make Friends!
- Play Collaborative Casual Games Designed for the Whole Family! 100% Free!
- 24/7 Live Moderation combined with innovative technological solutions!
- Create and Design! Graffiti Art, Your Style, Your House and even Your Pet!

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