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In Let's Fish players will get in the shoes of a professional fisher and will have to get the proper gear, bait and travel to a specific location in order to catch the fish they want. There is a list of all fishes available and tournaments to move players around the globe. The game runs on a browser by the way.


- Fun and casual fishing online game
- Several different fishery locations around the globe
- Try to unlock various achievements by catching fish
- Tournaments and competitions with other players
- Play right on a web browser
- Quick signup or join with Facebook
- Completely free

This is achieved by catching fishes and earning xp, they will be able to acquire more gear and travel to new locations as they level up. They will also gain talent points to further specialize and improve their character skillset.

The tackle and gear you use is very important when trying to catch a specific fish. There are several parts that have to be properly picked and used to successfully catch the fish so one half is the skill and the other one getting the proper parts right, problem is there are so many combinations that will require some knowledge and skill to do so.

Players can even purchase boats and other advanced fishing gear to boost their chances to catch fishes.

Frequent tournaments and competitions are held so players always feel compelled to play and improve, these will grant titles, achievements and much more so winners can show off. There is a global chat so players can ask for help and make new friends while playing.

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