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Civilization Online is a free MMO RPG game from the very well-known franchise Civilization, it's a spinoff of the series where players will control one member on the civilization not the whole one.

- Play a character in the civilization of your choice.
- Several civilization available such as Egypt, Aztec Empire, China and Rome.
- Evolve through different technological eras.
- Work with and against other players' civilizations
- Specialize your character on different careers.
- Wide variety of victory conditions
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The game has a persistent world which evolves depending on what players living in it do, Players have six different eras to pass through while they evolve, ancient, classical, medieval, renaissance, industrial and modern, each of them unlocks new units and buildings.

The worlds are made up of four civilizations and they must reach one of the victory conditions before the others, maybe allying with them or attacking them. Once a victory condition is reached by a civilization players will start over on a brand new world with extra benefits depending their position on the previous game.

Players can specialize their character on different careers, from engineers and soldiers to miners and farmers. These roles will open up new options for the player to help its civilization achieve a victory condition. Furthermore, players can switch the career of their character at any time and progress on that path.

Players can advance as leaders, be majors or generals where needed leading the troops and taking important decisions. They are also responsible of the constructions of new buildings and items for the crowd and different professions, weapons, tools, clothes are in the list.

Finally players will want to conquer and crush their enemies to hinder them so they can achieve first the victory condition. Still some players may want to team up and attack the others before attacking themselves at the very end.

There are different tools to enhance the conquering experience such as the capability of building an outpost to push the enemy harder since the troops will be respawning from it. Players can even block or mess with the enemy supply lines.

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