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Clash of Olympus F2P


This immersive RPG has a deep history in which the players embody a hero who will have to fight all kinds of demons and evil minions to save the Kingdom. The game, inspired by Greek mythology offers a strategic gameplay in which players have to train their characters to fight in challenging battles across the world. The game is completely free-to-play and can be accessed through any web browser.


- Multiple classes
- Lots of missions
- Improve your characters with better equipment, pets and companions
- Get the help of the Greek gods
- Challenging strategic combat
- PvP arenas and Guild wars
- Free-to-play
- Browser game


The core of Clash of Olympus focuses on make your characters and your band of heroes more powerful, increasing his strength, which will be reflected in numeric value, named Battle Force. This number grows as characters gain level, are equipped with more powerful pieces of gear, get pets, and recruit companions and progress through the game. Players can complete quests, discover more details of the game, level up and unlock new game systems.

The endgame focuses on players competing against each other in PVP, either in the Arena or in the guild Legion Wars.


There are three classes to choose from in the game, each class has both a male character and a female available to players:

Archer - a classic bow wielding combatant the Archer is deadly at long range and has high Dodge and dexterity to stop any close quarters attacks from defeating them

Mage - unlocking the mysteries of arcane magic the Mage can summon forth the elements with devastating consequence as they destroy their enemies, and whilst defensively strong they are physically weak characters with lower defences

Knight - equipped with a huge sword and heavy armour this stoic fighter has extremely strong physical defences and whilst they may not damage enemies as quickly as the other classes they can typically last longer in battle due to their defensive capabilities


Much of the game's content is automated, using an auto-pathing system players will click hyperlinks in quest windows to automatically make their way over to the required NPC or area that a quest requires (though players do have the choice of manually moving around themselves). Similarly combat revolves around players using tactics to build the best Battle Team they can, once they begin the battle they will automatically engage in turn based combat with the enemy until they are victorious or defeated.


Players can fight each other for the glory and wealth in the Arena. Every 4 hours players that are among the top 100 players will get rewards, while the three most skilled players will get even greater rewards. Players who are part of a Legion can fight against other legions to get points and demonstrate that they are the most powerful legion in the game.

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