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Combat Arms: Line of Sight is an action-packed MMOFPS where players can participate in exciting battles PvP across different maps and game modes. The game allows us to equip our soldiers with a lot of different weapons and give them superhuman abilities.


Fight in exciting PvP team based battles in 4 different game modes
Play in 4 different maps
Customize your characters with a wide variety of weapons
Learn superhuman abilities that allow you to throw fireballs, lightnings and even create illusions
Get experience, credits and rank to progress through the game


The game is basically a traditional team based PvP MMOFPS, where players fight each other in frenetic battles, working together and trying to win the battles. By competing in matches players will earn XP and gain rank as well as credits to unlock a huge choice of weapons and gear that they can take into battle. Designed using the Unreal Engine the game boasts realistic physics, intuitive level design and stunning graphics from effects, characters and environments.


Players can equip their characters with a huge choice of primary and secondary weapons as well as a variety of grenades to add a tactical element to combat, each weapon in a characters arsenal can be further customized and tuned to increase their statistics such as ammunition capability, accuracy, firepower and more.

In addition the characters are enhanced super soldiers, and they can have 2 special skills including:

Pyro - Heat up the air and launch a fiery projectile from your hands to burn your enemies alive.

Super Ear - Allows players to hear what's going on around them and giving them a higher perception for oncoming and nearby enemies.

Vengeance - Allows players to instantly locate any enemy that has just attacked them.

Blood Trace - Tracks enemies that have inflicted any damage upon the player.

Decoy - Players quickly send out an illusion of a mirror image of themselves, running forward to distract their opponents and give them a chance to retaliate or run.

Sneak Attack - Deal extra damage when attacking enemies from behind.

Health Recovery - A passive ability that allows players to slowly recover hit points when they are not in combat.

Electrocution - Fire off forks of lightning towards your enemies for a brutal and electrifying kill.

Comet Strike - A psychokinetic ability that summons down large objects to an area, crushing and destroying all enemies within range.

Blink - instantly teleport a few feet in front of you to quickly evade attacking enemies.

Advantage - prevents health damage when players use their abilities.


The game has currently four different game modes:

One Man Army - A classic death match mode where players fight on their own, racking up their own personal score with each kill they make, the first player to reach the target score wins.

Eliminate - As above, players are separated into two different teams, working cooperatively against the enemy team to earn points.

Domination - A point capturing game with numerous areas on the map that when players are in the zone and controlling it they earn points for their team, forcing the other team to try and assault it with a constant back and forth of attack and defence, the first team to acquire the necessary score is the winner.

Search and Destroy - A bomb detonation/disposal game where two teams compete with opposing objectives, one team must destroy a target location using a bomb where the enemy team must prevent it by disarming placed bombs or eliminating the enemy team.


There are four different maps in the game; different games can be played on each map:

Rusty Cage - An old warehouse with various freight containers, players will navigate the maze of boxes for some up close combat encounters.

Under Siege - Out at sea fighting on the deck of a huge battleship, with various platforms and corridors to navigate the map creates a range of up close and mid-range combat.

Snowy Cover-up - High up in the snowy mountains lays a military retreat, a huge map filled with wooden cabins and snowy gullies and a variety of vantage points to take out enemies.

Savannah Flu - A seemingly abandoned Middle Eastern village complete with slums, partly constructed buildings and abandoned research tents.


O/S: Windows 7/8
CPU: Intel Core i3-530
Video: GTS 450

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