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First Assault F2P

First Assault is a free shooter set in the manga Ghost in the Shell setting, players can play as Section 9 iconic characters and get into PvP using an array of skills and weapons on different maps and game modes.


- Pick from 6 characters
- Unique skills to be unlocked
- SkillSync system to share skills with teammates
- Loadouts to customize
- Several maps and game modes to play
- Explosive PvP combate
- Free to play

First Assault is a classic shooter with a twist, its SkillSync system grants an unparalleled customization and strategy options between teammates and therefore more e-sports focused. Players fight each other through different maps and game mods to earn experience and of course level up, also earn TP which is used to improve and get new gear.

So the game is designed in a very special way, each character has their own skill bound to Q by default, to use this skill they must build up a resource bar during a match, mainly filled by killing enemies but also from working together and completing objectives. When the meter fills up they gain access to their T1, still it keeps going on up to T2, when reaches it the character has the ability to sync with nearby friendlies and allow them to use their skill instead, which opens a wide array of options when it comes to strategy.

Motoko – Kusanagi Motoko is the leader of Section 9, almost completely cybernetic due to an accident he had as a child, coworkers think that's the reason behind his clinical demeanour, in the game she has a camouflage that cloaks her our of sight.

Borma – Is an explosive weapons expert and specializes in cyberbrain combat and fills the support roll since he can regen HP and armor over time, his Tier 2 skill also increases speed and makes it sharable, when done so is the only way other players have to heal themselves.

Ishikawa – Another supporter, worked along Kusanagi for a long time and uses Cyber Sentries to fortify points thanks to their ranged offensive capabilities, helps a lot to defend positions or when pushing, at Tier 2 their firing arc is increased up to 180 and they get tougher.

Currently there are 3 different maps of known locations from the franchise, Public Security Section 9, District Ruins and Urban city. The game modes add some flavour and replayability to the game and include Team Deathmatch, a Terminal Conquest which is a domination type of mode, and Demolition attack-defend bomb disposal.

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