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They can heal you, they can make you stronger and they can make you tougher. There’s a wide variety of medicines and boosts available, and these consumable items can often save the day in tough battles.


- Take clan-based multiplayer to new levels
Join a gang, recruit members, pool resources, outfit your gang crib, compete in gang-only tournaments and establish “street cred” for your crew based on individual and team-based dominance in battle.
- Interact with thousands of other players in bustling city areas, picking up “jobs” and “missions” to gain experience and money, plot strategy, barter and trade, resupply and refit – then enter the fray in fast-paced tactical action with dozens of other players in 9 distinct PvP and PvE multiplayer modes across 16 gritty environments.
- Experience an underground economy that thrives with peddlers of fictional and real word fashion label apparel, banks, arms vendors and boost dealers – as well as other players hustling to create empires of their own.
- Advance through 50 levels and use over 40 unique passive and active skills as you battle for street supremacy.
- Compete in daily and monthly tournaments for in-game and real world prizes.
- Use the loot gained from battle to upgrade and repair items
Or craft and customize weapons, attachments, clothing and performance-enhancing supplements and boosts.


Hideouts are private areas where your Gang can hideout, and prepare for their next battle. Hideouts may be transformed with trophies earned in your battles. Vendors may be hired to perform their services within the space and top tier crafting areas are an addition reserved for only the best.


Snatch N’ Grab
Each team has a single flag at a base point that must be protected from the enemy. This flag can be picked up by the opposing team, who then tries to run it back to their base point. The team that has the highest number of points at the conclusion of the match will be victorious.

Turf War
There are 5 key locations on each TURF map, which teams can capture by standing on an interactive control point location. Each match begins with 1 home point per side, and 3 neutral points which can be captured by any side. The match is won when one team controls all five points, or by whichever team controls the most points when the timer expires.

Each team has one goal: kill as many of the enemy as possible to rack up the highest number of cumulative team kills before the timer expires. Whichever team ends up with the highest final kill count at the end of the match is the winner.

Each team starts with a bank of 100K, located in a safe at their base point. Teams must fight their way across the map to the opponent’s safe, where money is stolen by standing on the interactive point.The match is won when one team steals all of the other team’s money, or by whichever team has the most money in their safe when the timer expires.

There are no teams and no allegiances. In RIOT, it’s kill or be killed, and the goal is to rack up the highest number of points over the match timer. Whichever player ends up with the highest final point count at the end of the match is the winner.


To win the match, players must eliminate the minimum number of bots as well as kill the boss before the time runs out. Players must work together to eliminate the 100+ enemies that appear throughout the map. The challenge is well worth the reward, as the boss will drop a high level container after being killed.

The goal is to accumulate as many weapon, armor, gadget and medicine crates as possible by the end of the match, while also accumulating points for kills scored against enemy bots. Players do not fight each other in this mode, just enemy bots. The crates a player recovers in this mode can be opened when the player returns to the city for a chance at valuable items.

The weapons cache is an object with its own health pool, and it will take damage from any attacks made by the enemy bots. To win the match, players simply need to keep the weapons cache from being destroyed by the swarming enemy during the time allotted.

F2P and monthly fee available

It offers three different monthly subscription fees. As such, it gets a $4.99 subscription (deluxe) in addition to the $9.99 (premium), but also get an unlimited free to play version. Players who choose the free to play version will be able to experience most of what the game has to offer, except maybe for winning an actual fight. The $4.99 and $9.99 subscriptions will have a faster experience gain, added skill slots and expanded inventory space as well as additional customization options.

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