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Soldiers Inc F2P

Soldiers Inc is a free browser MMO RTS where players build up a military base in the land of Zandia and attempt to claim valuable minerals while competing with rival private armies and militarised companies. Construct a base, train up your units and rule the marke, diplomacy and aggression.

- Manage resources
- Build up your base
- Gather a mighty army
- Create alliances or declare war with/to other players
- Completely free to play on a browser

Munitions – surrounded by war, a thick arsenal of weapons and munitions will aid you defending what you own and take what you need

Fuel - is needed to power most of your base and your armoured units, without fuel you are a sitting in the middle of nowhere doing nothing

Rations – needed for infantry units require rations every hour as an ongoing maintenance cost

Base managing and conquering are the base pillars of the game and key to creating a functional operation, claiming territory for yourself and then looking to your rivals to see what they have to offer.

Raid your enemies and took their walls down or you may consider bringing them into the fold and forming an alliance where there is always strength in numbers. The core of the game is player versus player, however with a larger story line available players can even go up against shadowy NPC organisations and uncover the more sinister goings-on in the region.

They have different categories: defensive and offensive, were each unit has its own offensive and defensive stats to determine outcomes of battle and defines how the unit should be used (either attacking enemies or defending your own base). The number of units a player throws at an enemy is only a small effect on the result of the battle, sending hundreds of weak units might result in the loss of all the units depending on the enemies defences in comparison to sending a handful of strong units that have been strategically chosen for the attack.

A passive defensive structure would be a constructions such as a wall, gate tower which will directly add to the defence bonus total, which grants all defending units extra effectiveness when defending the base from attackers.

Other buildings will improve the rate resource production rate and other stuff, active defences are constructions such as gun turrets and artillery emplacements, which also add to your defence bonus will actively participate in the defence of the base like a standard unit, however unlike a normal unit turrets can be damaged and repaired to be brought back into the battle.

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