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Dawnbreaker Online F2P

GAME STYLE: Free to play Fantasy RPG


Accessible through your preferred web browser, Dawnbreaker Online is a new free to play fantasy themed strategy meets RPG where players take the role of the main story protagonist as they adventure through a realm of evil deities as the leader of their own band of heroes. Build up your teams strength, acquire powerful items, and master various spells and abilities in your battle against the challenging AI enemies and real world opponents.


- 2 class characters to choose from
- Various heroes and deities to recruit as companions
- Multiple systems and features to increase your teams strength
- Story focused quests and content
- PVP Arena against other player's teams
- 100% F2P
- Browser gameplay


The core gameplay of Dawnbreaker Online focuses on building up a strong team of champions to then take on high level PVE dungeons and content and battle against other players to try and dominate the PVP Arena showing whose team is the best. This journey takes players through various PVE quests, dungeons, and other combat focused content where they will be able to find and recruit new champions, level them up and equip them with gear, weapons and armor. Primarily players will look to increasing the Power score of each of their champions, which will combine to give them an overall squad Power rating that they can use to compare themselves with other players.


Starting out players choose their initial character; a male melee warrior or a female ranged caster, both have different strategies, strengths and weaknesses associated with them with the warrior being a front-line combatant able to defend fellow teammates from attacks, whereas the spellcaster focuses on dealing damage from the safety of the back line.

Playing through the PVE Campaign Quests stages, which are a series of linear encounters in different locations with specific enemies, players will come in contact with a variety of new characters that they are able to recruit into the team. Each character comes with some unique skills and abilities that will offer different strategies to each player. Some characters are:

Arthur – A female paladin she is a well armored front-line fighter capable of soaking up damage from enemy attacks and dealing a deadly blow with her Sword of Victory ultimate that deals physical damage and increases her dodge

Hydra – A skilled healer this female levitates on the back line aiding her allies by tending to their wounds whilst attacking enemies from afar, her Blessing of the Sea ultimate heals the two friendly allies with the lowest hitpoints to keep them in battle

Jeanne – A deadly assassin her melee DPS using a powerful spear is almost unparalleled, dealing blow after blow against her opponents and finishing them with her Conviction Assault ultimate that will prioritise enemies that are channelling or casting an ability in order to interrupt them as well dealing high amounts of damage


Combat in the game is relatively automated; players do not move their characters around and do not get to choose which targets they will attack. Instead each ability has specific parameters determining who the most likely target will be, such as attacking the first enemy in front of them in the opposing team's formation, or all the enemies on a single column. Players do control their own character's mana abilities with the QWE keys that will use up mana to perform an attack or skill, as well as building up rage to unleash their ultimate.

The player has control over all the Ultimates, including those of their NPC companions, which appear as another key (1,2 & 3) when they are charged up, allowing the player to choose when they are used.


Levelling up not only makes a character more powerful, but it also unlocks new features and content as the player progresses, which in turn gives them access to new resources, materials and means to improve their character and companions. Ranging from new campaign quests, Dungeon encounters and PVP Arena where players fight an AI controlled version of other player's assembled teams in combat trying to beat them, claim a new rank, and earn rewards.


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