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Winterfrost Legacy is a free to play browser based RPG where players must adventure across a huge fantasy realm where players have to assemble a group of Heroes and combat the fallen Guardians that now threaten the world.

The game includes PVE and PVP contents and revolved around gathering equipment, unlocking features and making both your primary character and your mercenary team mates stronger in order to take on more difficult challenges.


Winterfrost Legacy is a classic team build RPG where players recruit companion characters, train them up, improve skills, acquire mounts and even get the Guardians themselves the help them in their task.


The Warrior – This class has a high hitpoint value and Block rating, able to withstand a lot of physical attacks they are an ideal frontline fighter.

The Rogue – The Rogue has a high Dodge and Crit value, meaning they can evade incoming attacks much easier and unleash a tirade of attacks upon their opponent.

The Mage - This class suffers from low physical defense, meaning they are better off on the back line out of harm's way, but they have an exceptionally high damage output and restorative abilities.

The Shaman – This ranged attacker benefits from a high Attack value, they can deal damage and aid allies.

Players will periodically gain Skill points which they can spend to improve their skills and unlock new ones to make them more powerful in battle, these skills can range from single attacks, multiple target attacks, buffs, debuffs and heals, all of which help the party.


Combat itself is relatively automated, taking it in turns the entirety of the players team will attack, Mercs and Heroes building up Rage with their attacks that they then spend to perform more powerful skills. Players have the choice of either controlling their character to determine which skills they use and when, or leaving it entirely up to the AI to control everything in the battle with the automated feature.


Players can recruit Mercenary companions, hired combatants that will join the group when purchased in the Tavern. To hire a hero players must first meet them in game by progressing the story arc, then they must acquire Anima, a currency acquired through various actions but can be earned by spending gold in the Anima Alter that can then be spent on buying new Mercs. Mercs can be levelled up spending Merit, which makes them stronger and unlocks new abilities for them, unlike players who acquire new abilities as they level up and spend Skill Points.


Once acquired Mercs are added to the team formation to accompany the players main characters; these formations are a hexagon shape with 7 positions; 2 front, 3 mid and 2 back, where players can arrange the position of their Mercs and character strategically and gain bonuses depending upon their position. As players level up they are able to unlock extra slots to fit more characters into their formation and make a more powerful team.


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