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Doom Warrior is a free RPG that puts players facing each other in a gladiator theme, deep character customization and pve campaign are also other features of this title filled with blood and men's honor. Raise your character to earn glory, fortune and new gear as they face tougher and tougher foes.

- Deep character customisation
- Tons of scenarios to play in
- Get new gear and items or craft your own
- Show mercy or Execute your foes
- Unlock powerful abilities
- Available on multiple platforms
- Completely free

The game is straight forward allowing players to jump right into the action and enjoy its skill based mechanics, using the keyboard to perform attacks, abilities and blocks, the players have no control on the movement so they have to focus on hit and block, when first person has his health bar reduced to zero is a loss.

The characters will level up, increase their stats and the usual progression players can expect from a RPG, there are also clans and ladders ladders to spice things up.

The gear can either be bought using Gold at the Blacksmith and the Bazaar, as well as being gained from defeating bosses. Players have the option of re-forging equipment to modify the way it looks, but doesn't affect the items stats.

There are also Runes to socket into pieces of equipment that will increase stats depending on the type of Rune and its level, Artifacts improve items as well but they will stick to character as it levels up.

It's what sets your rank in the ladders and your overall performance, they are earned when fighting and use by the match maker to pair similarly skilled players, the layer with the most points each week will be considered champion.

In battle players can Execute their opponents, an act that will claim some of the players Gold from them and also reduce the victims Battle Points; similarly if that player was in a Clan then it reduces the Clans Battle Points, so be careful how often you Execute players as you may quickly get enemies.

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