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Venetians is a free browser game set in an ancient world. The game puts you in the position of ruler of your own ancient empire, where your mission is to grow and prosper in a land where competition is fierce and resources are scarce which leads you to conquer. Your mission is to turn your small village into a thriving, wealthy, and powerful empire. The game is about resource management. By procuring and producing resources, you not only provide for your empire, but also have the chance to engage in lucrative trade with other players, increasing the wealth of your very own nation. Additionally, you must ensure your land and resources are protected from the sneaky raids and attacks of your jealous enemies.

Gather a mighty army, strong surrounding walls, and an immense fleet of ships to ensure your empire is not overthrown. You can also utilize your military power in the game to conquer your opponents' land and claim it as your own, as well as discover new ports, cities and lands from Alexandria to Venice. Implement and run your empire's government, taking seat as chief councilor. This responsibility will give you the chance to make important decisions regarding the future of your empire.

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