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Shooter space ships Free to play




Yager Development


Captain your own spaceship in this free to play aerial armada MMO shooter where players control massive ships and fight in exciting cinematic battles. In the battles planning strategies is vital, because the battleships are not as agile and nimbre as the fighters of other space shooters; the good thing is that these powerful war behemoths are capable of annihilating their enemies with their massive weapons.


Participate in exciting PvP battles or complete a single player campaign

Five different classes of ships

You can customize each ship with 4 different modules

Multiple maps and game modes

Strategic battles where you have to plan your moves



The game is essentially a space shooter where instead of piloting agile fighters we command gigantic battleships with the size of cities that fight each other in fierce battles. Given the size of these ships and their lack of maneuverability, the battles are very tactical, because players have to think each movement before doing so as it is easy to become trapped without escape. It is important to use covers, prepare ambushes, or position yourself properly to survive and defeat your opponents.


There are five main classes in the game and each has multiple ships, with each having its own customizable skills and abilities, adding a wide variety of personal customization to your preferred gameplay.

The Dreadnought-class is a flying fortress, equipped with heavy armor and shields this huge ship takes the frontline in battles to attract the enemy fire and used its heavy broadside missiles or automated fighter ships to whittle down enemies.

The Destroyer-class lacks a little of the Dreadnoughts' defensive capability, but makes up for it with improved offensive fire and mobility, making it the most balanced class available and the best choice for new players.

The Artillery Cruiser-class is the opposite of the Dreadnought; weak armor they are best positioned at the rear of the battle, these long and slender ships resemble the barrel of a sniper rifle and deal incredible amounts of damage to enemies at long range.

The Tactical Cruiser-class is the healing support, able to bolster and heal up allies with its ranger laser or use that very same laser to inflict damage upon the enemy.

The Corvette-class is the smallest, most agile and the fastest of the capital ships and its main role is as a harasser, jumping into the middle of battle with abilities such as the Blink short range teleport, firing off shots, then getting out before it is blown to pieces.


Each ship at the class selection has a variety of mods and skills that can be equipped, with a few different options for each ability key adding some slight restrictions as opposed to players picking any combination of skills they like. The choice of skills and mods not only change how your ship plays but also how it looks, adding these physical structural elements to the ship, which players can further customize with a variety of cosmetic options.


The maps range from low-orbit maps around huge facilities in deep valleys or nestled high up in snowy peaks, or even up in space, fighting around huge space stations or dodging through asteroid fields. The maps play an important part in the game as cover will not only shield players from attacks but allow them to create ambushes depending on their strategy.


With a single player PVE campaign for players to get some story driven content, the game primarily focuses on PVP with currently two primary game modes: Team Death Match and Elimination.

In Team Deathmatch it is a classic “kill all the enemy ships first” to claim victory, once destroyed the player is out of the battle and can only spectate on their own team.

In Elimination mode the objective is to destroy all the enemy capital ships, however when a player is destroyed instead of sitting out the match instead they are able to pilot a fighter and still try to take down the opponent's capital ships. These ships are faster, but don't pack too much of a punch and can be destroyed easily; each subsequent death in a fighter will respawn the player in a slightly weaker ship where even collision with the terrain will destroy them.



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