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Runes of Magic F2P

Runes of Magic is a free to play MMO RPG. Based on the mystical world of Taborea, full of wonders and ancients secrets, the player will meet mysterious and dangerous creatures and will have to solve the enigmas of old kingdoms long-lost in the mists of time.

Highlighted features

- Auction house: auction and purchase in-game items.
- Extensive dual class system with six primary classes and a selectable secondary class.
- Versatile spell and attack combinations.
- Dynamic item system: upgrades available with hundreds of runes.
- Regular new content updates, e.g., classes, races, game modes and much more.
- Control with mouse (point and click) and/or keyboard (WASD or arrow keys).
- More than 1,000 quests and comprehensive quest series with continuous storyline.
- Freely accessible game world in atmospheric 3D.
- Instanced and persistent dungeons.
- Enthralling background story.
- Teleporting possibilities using runes.
- Armor sets with special bonuses.
- Ranking system: ranking lists.
- Individually developed skills and spells.
- Server vs. server PvP.
- Player vs. player system with arena battles and guild wars.
- Mounts: various unique mounts.
- Guild houses in special zones.
- Epic crafting system with the chance to improve existing items.
- Reputation system.
- In-game map and radar system to easily find dealers, resources and quests.
- Housing from the beginning: personalization of houses through individual furnishing.
- Scalable user interface based on user preference (development of add-ons possible).

Minium Requirements

DirectX 9.0c compatible with 128MB RAM Video Card
RAM: 512MB or more
Intel Pentium 4 2.0 GHz or equivalent
HDD: 3.62GB


Any guilds in Runes of Magic above from level 7 can build their own fortress. Guild members can meet there to plan new adventures, share stories of past activities or prepare against imminent attacks.

In order to build a guild fortress, the contribution of every guild member is required. It’s only as a group that the guild can afford the costs in terms of gold, ore and wood that are involved in laying the foundations for their own home. After handing over these resources will the guild receive the construction permission from the Guild Castles Administrator in Varanas and only then can they begin to have some thoughts on the fitting out of their new base.

Main classes

Scouts treasure the silence and the vastness of the wild, where their tracking and sniping skills turn them into dangerous hunters. Many preys realize this too late.

Warriors feel comfortable in the thick of things - be it tavern or battle. One use to lead to the other most of the time. They meet every challenge with courage and a loyal blade.

Druids take on the function of priests in Elven society. Custodians of the knowledge which the Elves have gathered about the forces of nature.

Normally magicians only grudgingly leave their teaching parlours, but on their quest to a perfect understanding of the elements they are drawn to ancient places in the hope of recovering long-forgotten knowledge.

Priests are sent out by their god to help the faithful and spread the glory of their religion and creed. Heretics and other enemies of the faith will, on the other hand, learn of their darker side.

Rogues feel at ease in the cities with their narrow alleys. Only in the cities they find the life and seek. It is there where poorly guarded purses can be found and a dagger is the weapon of choice.

Maintaining the holy law is the first priority for every single knight. That is the reason they travel through the world ever ready to protect the weak and to defeat all threats they encounter along their way.

The Wardens serve as guardians of nature. In times of peace it is their responsibility to ensure that the nature rules are abided by which in turn preserve the forests of Taborea, the Elves' natural habitat.


When starting into a new career, adventurers can select to be a warrior, ranger, cleric, knight, mage or rogue. When they reach level 10, they are able to add secondary class, which augments the possible class combinations up to 30 individual combination types.

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