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Duelyst F2P


Free to play Arena Battles- TCG


PC, Mac and Web browsers


Counterplay Games


Duelyst allows players to face each other in 1v1 tactical duels where they take control of powerful generals, minions, devastating spells and useful artifacts to defeat their opponents. The game features several game modes and six factions which unique cards that allow us to create our own custom decks, which will allow us to create our own strategies. The game is a free to play browser MMO.


Six different factions
Tactical grid based combats
An enormous amount of cards to collect
Craft your own cards to complete your deck
Four game modes
Buy Soul Orbs to get more cards
Browser game


Duelyst has elements of a TCG, because the cards represent the minions and the spells that you can use to defeat the enemy Generals. Unlike other TGCs the combat takes place on a gridded battlefield where we can place our minions, move them at every turn that passes, either to block the enemy minions, surround them or attack the enemy General. As we play games and complete daily quests we earn gold that we will use to buy booster packs (called Soul Orbs in the game), which are composed of five random cards including at least one rare or above card.

The cards can be of three types: minions, spells and artifacts. The minions can have any shape or size, and different attributes of health and attack and even unique abilities that allow them to perform different actions. The artifacts are cards that we can give our generals to make them more powerful and spells are used to help our troops or to damage and weaken the enemy minions and Generals.

The main difference of the game is its board; unlike the TCG the battleground is a grid map where we can place our minions and move them every turn, as if it were a game of chess. The player can move their units around each turn attempting to out play and destroy their opponents Minions, as well as their General who also takes the form of their own piece. Generals have large hit pools and can take a lot of damage, but once defeated then they forfeit the game.


There are six different factions in the game, and each one of them has a completely unique game thanks to its unique cards:

Lyonar Kingdom - This faction relies on their minions' Provoke and Zeal skills. Provoke forces enemy units within range to attack that unit before attack any others whereas Zeal makes that adjacent troops to its general receive additional attributes

Songhai - Songhai troops relies on their Backstab ability, which gives them additional damage when they attack enemies from behind; the faction also stands out for its repositioning spells, which allows them to use their Backstab skill more easily.

Abyssian - This faction focuses on filling the battlefield with weak minions to overwhelm their enemies. Their main source of damage is their power Death Watch which allows them to sacrifice its units to instantly destroy enemy minions, even to the most powerful minions.

Vetruvian - This faction is a master of board control because they can attack entire rows of the battlefield with their blast skill, they also have unique minions and spells that can interact with the Generals' artifacts to keep their General supplied and powerful

Magmar – Their Growth skills make their creatures more powerful over time, making them more dangerous at every turn that passes. Other Magmar creatures have the Reborn ability, which allows them to come back to the battlefield when they die.

Vanar - The Vanar spells can create ice walls to block enemies and bring them to where the Vanar sorcerer wishes. Some of their minions have the Infiltrate skill, which makes them more powerful when they fight on the enemy side of the board, making them very aggressive.


The game has four game modes. The first, named Training Grounds is a tutorial that after being completed offers several PvE challenges where players have to win the enemy General in one turn using their resources (or they in turn are killed and must try again). The main game mode is the Season Ranked Ladder where players fight other players with similar rank position. In the Sandbox mode players control both teams allowing them to try different strategies, tactics and playstyles. The last mode is the Gauntlet, in which players have three lives and have three lives, allowing them three defeats, as they play against other players taking turns to build up a deck and must try to reach a maximum of nine games before completing the Gauntlet; the further they get the better the prizes.



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