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Grepolis F2P

Grepolis is a browser online f2p game based in the Ancient Greece. Players start on a Greek isle so you have to build up from a small Polis to a huge metropolis. Join other players in victorious alliances, establish a powerful army and navy and finally conquer islands far away.


The exploitation of resources forms the basis for the ascent of your Polis to become a powerful island power. There are 4 resources - 3 normal types and 1 special type. The normal resources consist of stone, wood and silver coins. The mythical Pantheon in ancient Greece played a large role and because of this the fourth resource is the divine favor of the Gods. For all units and building, you require resources. You get the resources automatically through your mines (silver,lumberjack, quarry mine) or the temple (divine favor). Resources are produced constantly even if you are not logged into your account.

The amount of resources you receive per hour depends on the size (level) of your buildings. To be sure that the produced resources are not wasted, you will need a warehouse that is as large as possible.


In Grepolis there are five gods, Zeus, Poseidon, Hera, Athena and Hades. Each god can enact four different divine powers (such as troop attack or resource income or even defence) and call upon two unique mythical units.

Each city can choose which god to worship, however each city can only worship one god at a time. The higher the level of your Temple, the more favour you earn from your god. You can spend this favour to enact divine powers or call upon mythical units.


In Grepolis when two units fight against each other, the basic attack values of the aggressor is compared to the defense value of its opponent in the respective weapon type. The outcome of the battle is affected by certain other factors such as the strength of the city wall, divine powers, as well as the random good fortune factor that changes for each battle.


Espionage in Grepolis is the act of spying on an enemy city to see troop counts and building levels. This is often used to find out whether a city is worth conquering or to calculate your chances against that city's defense.

It is crucial to a successful attack or defense. It is vitally important to know the size and disposition of your enemies army. If you underestimate the defense effectiveness of the opponent, you will probably lose a major portion of your army. An overestimating of the opponent is not tragic, but not good at all too. You could dawdle away time with the construction of an army that would not have been necessary in this size at the time of the attack.


Every 24 hours, Velerios, The Phoenician Trader will visit your polis to trade resources, or trade troops for silver. Everytime, he'll offer you three different types of troops and two different resources for the trade ratio of 1 to 1.5. The three troop types are calculated, with each one having a chance of being with the Phoenician Trader. This includes Divine units.


After a server has met certain requirements, the whole server will enter "The Era of World Wonders" together. Once in the The Era of World Wonders, alliances must race to build these world wonders, by collecting up resources, on islands they own. For each World Wonder an alliance has completed, the players in that alliance will get 5% more favour.

There are 7 different world wonders to be built. Note that each alliance cannot build more than one of each type. The seven wonders are: Statue of Zeus at Olympia, Great Pyramid Of Giza, The Hanging Gardens of Babylon,The Temple of Artemis, The Mausoleum of Halicarnassus, The Colossus of Rhodes and The Lighthouse at Alexandria.


There a bunch of new premium features to enhance the Grepolis gameplay. You can use the attack planner, a new tool with which players can create and share a number of plans with friends and their alliances. This attack plan can have multiple targets. Also you can summon the Phoenician trader immediately with the use of gold, extend some divine powers or reduce research times.

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