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Dynasty Warriors F2P

Dynasty Warriors Online is a f2p, action 3D MMO game with tactical combat, sets in the Three Kingdoms era of Ancient China and the beautiful graphics will transport players back into the heart of this period. This game artfully combines roleplay elements with the fast paced, exciting combat. The action oriented gameplay is not all that common for MMORPGs and will be something that sets DWO apart from the rest.


While all battles are generally instanced and faction-based, PvP is separated into different battle modes: Melee, Campaign, Arena, Showdown and Mock Battles. Each battle mode is differentiated from the others according to its scale and the conditions at stake. Battles can accommodate as much as 24 players in a 12-versus-12 showdown of epic proportions. Factions have the whole of China, divided into cities, to dominate and takeover. Depending on the areas taken over different effects on your faction will appear, such as advances in weaponry and relatively lowered prices.


Only open to players of rank Lt. Major or higher. One team must defend their faction’s control over a city while the opposing force must conquer it.

The largest scale PvP battles. Two teams of up to 12 players fight it out to earn Conflict Points for their faction.

4v4 brawls that effect the ‘Melee’ score of each participant based on results. Melee matches earn Conflict points towards the winning team’s faction.

Fight against players or rival factions without worrying about individual rankings.

Mock Battle
Fight with players from your own faction in battles of up to 4v4.

Key Features

Battle Modes scores
Wage war against massive NPC armies and players alike in numerous game modes! Engage a variety of PvP skirmishes – one of which can have two teams of 12 players, territorial control warfare, story-based campaigns and more.

Multifaceted Character progression
Players start out as lowly Recruits, but can fight their way up the ranks to become the formidable Great Generals. The new Upgrade Flask system lets players increase their character’s attributes in every instance, providing a chance to customize their strategy mid-battle. It is easy to learn, and mastering it will be essential to a warrior’s survival on the battlefield.

Inventive Integration of Traditional MMO Elements
Features heart-racing hack and slash game player fans have grown to love as well as some features that can be found in many mmo games out there. Players have their own headquarters they can decorate and show off to their friends. They can also join a guild to access additional guild-only features such as a room in the Tavern and guild battles.

Head-to-Head breathtaking combat
Finally, play against or with your friends to determine the best warrior. Join with your friends in a party and complete quests! Unleash your skills in hard-hitting 4-on-4 PvP brawls and 12-on-12 PvP clashes.

It has you create your own, matchless character that can use any weapon! From fans to boomerangs to dual-bladed spears, equipping weapons endows your character with the iconic move sets from favourite characters. Additionally, Dynasty Warriors Online flaunts unique weapons found only in this game.


The Kingdom of Shu
Before acquiring a title and land of his own, Liu Bei recruited an army to help defend the Han against the Yellow Turban Rebellion. Among the many warriors that swore allegiance to him were Guan Yu and Zhang Fei. The three vowed a pact of brotherhood, one that would forever be recorded in history as the “Oath of the Peach Garden”. After the death of Dong Zhuo and the advent of Cao Cao, Liu Bei and his oath brothers formed the kingdom of Shu, seeking to restore the splintered empire to its former glory.

The Kingdom of Wei
In the years following the collapse of the Han Dynasty, chaos and anarchy spread throughout the country. Regional warlords had amassed considerable amount of power in the wake of the Yellow Turban Rebellion as no longer existed a strong central government. Out of this period, emerged Cao Cao, who swiftly rose to prominence and unified all of northern China under his banner. The territory he seized would form the foundation of what would become to the empire of Wei.

The Kingdom of Wu
The territory that would form the seat of the Wu family’s power was originally held by provincial governors that could not muster enough strength to vanquish one another. Sun Jian, a warlord who had earned his fame during the wars against the Yellow Turbans and Dong Zhuo, moved his armies into this area with the intention of merging the rival provinces together. After his untimely death in battle, Sun Jian’s children, namely Sun Ce and Sun Quan, took up his cause and eventually established the empire of Wu.

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