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Prime World is a MOBA style MMO with RP elements to it, there are also story-driven battles housing in the shape of castle building. The main theme of the game is the battle between Magic and Technology, and they will be able to hire, equip and train mercenaries to help them achieve that.

- Dozens of characters to play and hire
- Hero progression
- Castle building
- Economy management
- Several PvP modes
- Deep storyline
- Clans system
- Completely free

Two warring factions are the core feature of the game, the Keepers of Adornia which occupies the southern province, they're the wielders of magic, very emotional beings and also very creative, and the Dokht Imperium which occupies the northern lands, very rich in natural resources, they're disciplined and dedicated to science.

Players can pick from a wide arrange of heroes of each faction, they have a total of 64 heroes; they have 5 unique talents and different roles so players have to be careful when picking one. Heroes can be improved by training, getting new and better talents and gaining levels by earning experience during pve or pvp battles.

During battles, players get to play their heroes, in whose hands lay the power to win or to lose the battle, Players can perform several actions as a hero, capture enemy territory, retreat, ambush foes and more. As a reward for fighting for their faction they get Prim, which is a coin that can be traded for very cool rewards.
The different pvp modes are as follow:
Borderland – is the main mode, the classic MOBA map, three lanes, turrets and two bases.
Dragonwald - 4v4 mode with a grim look, it has more PvE stuff than Borderland
Outpost - 3v3 combat with just one lane and fast-paced combat.
Homeland – defense mode.
Apocalypse – a zombie-crowded mode.
Shuffle mode – another classic in which the heroes are picked randomly.
Players can run PvE content as well on single player and coop missions.

Another cool feature of Prime World is the housing system, players can own their own castle, which will be their base of operations you could say, it's the main features of the game and the rest revolves around it, players can manage their economy, strategy and develop their characters there.
They can also build structures, from cosmetic ones to powerful ones that help improving their troops and characters, they also have to keep the crowd happy, gather materials and much more. As they get materials they can upgrade the buildings and further improve their heroes, it's up to players how they want to lead their forces, get profit, win more battles, or a hybrid of both.

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