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EA Sports FIFA World F2P

In EA Fifa World players will have to build their own team, using over 600 real football teams and their players, and compete against coaches from around the world. This free to play MMO will allow you to manage your team both inside and outside the field, through a variety of cups, leagues and tournaments.


Build a strong team and lead it to victory
Compete against thousands of players from around the world
Create your team using players from 600 real football clubs
Compete in leagues and tournaments
Buy and transfer players to build a perfect team
Free-to-Play game


In Fifa World players are able to manage their own football team and play on the pitch, with stunning fast-paced gameplay and rendered in high-quality graphics, using the keyboard and mouse. With a huge selection of real-world players and clubs to choose from players will compete against each other Leagues and Tournaments, working towards earning rewards, titles, cups and Team of the Week.


The key to success is based on building a team with the best possible players, who will be classified in different categories, such as bronze, silver and gold, being the bronze the lower range and the gold the highest. Players can be purchased in the game shop, although it is possible to buy with multiple versions of the same player.

Players can also trade with their players, so older versions of the players can be buyed in this way. Occasionally, if a player has some impressive results in the real world, this will be reflected in the game with a new version with better attributes, including their Passing, Shooting, Defending abilities and more. Players can use Training item to improve the players' attributes during the matches.


The morale of the players increases or decreases depending on whether they win or lose matches. When a team lose a match the morale decreases, so their attributes will be reduced temporarily, which will affect their future results. To avoid this, players will need to rest, or use items that increase their morale.


As with the real world a player is only as good as their teammates, and so chemistry between individual players is a vital component to having a successful squad. What creates this cohesion between players is the individuals' happiness at the position and formation; they are being played in as well as their nationality, in comparison to their other teammates, different nationalities by default have a lower chemistry with each other.


FIFA World has several different game modes:

Challenge mode - Players can challenge each other for friendly matches.

League - Play as one of 600 real clubs and compete in online seasons, where your goal is to climb positions in the leaderboard.

Team of the week - Every week a unique team is made in game from the performance of their real-world players, and users are able to challenge this team to earn extra rewards that week.

Single Player Tournaments - Play in a tournament in which you will play against 15 teams controlled by the AI, with a variety of different tournaments available with different team/squad requirements.

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