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Eclipse War Online F2P

Eclipse War Online is a free MMORPG with 2 warring factions set on a fantasy world full of heroes, monsters and magic, there is also a big pvp component due to the factions mechanic.

- Two factions pvp mechanic
- Characters can morph into beasts and monsters depending on specific conditions.
- Completely free

Rumen - Fought against the Malignant Spirits and the Drain. Born from the Holy Magic of Nova that to drive them from the world.

Kaligo - They are Rumen mutated by dark Shadow they used to push back the Drain during the Day of Promise.

Players can use powerful cards to transform their characters into a myriad of monsters with unique powers. Depending on the card and specific situations and conditions they can change their play style completely. They work both on PvE and PvP.

Magic Stormer - They use magical curses and high damage attacks.
Warrior – Tough melee damage dealers but have no magic abilities.
Battle Priest They can both themselves and their allies magical healing effects as well as using ranged attack.
Hunter – Ranged damage dealers who focus on one single target.

Players can enjoy the PvP combat on its glory, open world combat with ambushes and raids and also instanced PvP on arenas or organized battlegroudns.

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