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EIN: Epicus Incognitus is a next generation action MMORPG set in a fantasy world where magic and advanced machinery coexist with an engaging storyline told through interactive cut-scenes. Using the Unreal Engine 3, the game has breath-taking graphics and a fluid combat system that includes mounted combat, puzzle-based combat, and fun action skills.


- Various action combos that constantly change as character or item levels up.
- A totally different mode of action gameplay using vehicle aside from on-foot battle.
- Exceptionally realistic game graphic with perfect blend of real world and fantasy.
- Availability of several game modes such as PvP, PvE or Castle Siege mode.
- Almost infinite growth of item through production, crafting and synthesis.


EIN is a next-generation online game that will step away from the traditional story-telling pattern and blaze a new gaming experience through the use of new cinematic techniques never before tried in a massive MMORPG. Players will experience interactive cut-scenes and talking scenes.


In EIN: Epicus Incognitus you can explore an ancient world with a deep history and immerse yourself in a massive living, breathing fantasy world. EIN utilizes Unreal Engine 3 to make the fierce combat smooth and create a beautiful world with impressive graphics.


EIN features team-based and action-packed combat where teamwork is essential, because powerful giant monsters and bosses make impossible for players to explore around alone. Players can defeat them in the fast-paced battles with team-based tactics, strategy and various puzzles.


Players can participate in all-out PvP wars and massive castle siege battles. Choose from a vast arsenal of different weapons each with its own unique characteristics and play styles. In addition to on-foot battles, players can also experience mounted combat and use different vehicles to battle.

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