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Marvel Super Hero Squad Online is a free smash-them action mmo rpg that runs on a browser and it's focused for a young audience and collaborative gameplay, there are minigames, collectables and many more features that will keep you entertained for sure. Play with your favourite heroes from marvel in this fun and casual game.

- Persistent world containing the most important Marvel locations
- 138 Heroes
- Over 30 missions
- Player headquarters which are customizable
- Several mini-games and activities to keep you having fun.

The game has the Daily Bugle, Villainville, Baxter Plaza and Asgard shown in a colourful and vivid way and can be explored by players. The most compelling feature is the ability to play as one of the famous Marvel Heroes and save the world, but it's not just the main heroes, you will be able to play villains, and all the heroes and villains variants from different universes and comics, and more heroes are being deployed constantly.

This would be the equivalent to dungeons in any other mmorpg and they can be done with friends, the combat mechanics are simply but very visual and fun to play, it's a hack & slash type of action combat where you make your way through waves of enemies till you kill the final boss. Althought a limited amount of them are only accessible after unlocking them, which can be done with in-game money earned by playing or with real money which is the faster way.

As marvel heroes, players own their own headquarters they can customize, they can paint it, put furniture in it and prizes they got during their adventures. This base is the place where all your heroes hang out while they're not out there saving the world.

The game has several minigames and activities but the main one is a parallel trading card game where players gain cards by playing or get them from the shop and build a deck to fight against other players. The rules are simple, carda are player's life and when they run out of cards they lose, when they receive damage they must discard an equal number of cards.

Other activities players can engage in for example are memory games and skill games, by completing this mini-games they get tickets to spin the wheel which has random rewards in it. There are also achievements to fulfil which also grant tickets and coins.

The game is free to play and everything can be unlock just by playing, still players can become SHIELD members gaining some perks with it, extra gain of in-game currency, more missions, sidekicks, increased xp gain and mission rewards and many more.

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