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Entropia Universe F2P

In Entropia Universe players embark on a thrilling adventure in a sci-fi universe, in which you embody a settler of the distant planet Calypso, where you have to survive using your skills, whether mining, hunting or exploring this new world. This enormous sandbox universe is designed with CryEngine 2, which has allowed the developers to create a world with breathtaking environments, detailed character models and realistic landscapes.


Enormous sandbox universe
Real Cash economy controlled by players
Numerous planets to visit, each with its own theme
Hunt creatures and mine valuable resources
Craft and sell items to other players through the auction system
Fight against other players in non-lootable and lootable and PVP combat
Pilot your ship, fight in space battles, or simply travel to other planets
Completely free-to-play


Although the game has its own history, each planet has its background, and features RPG elements such as quests and tasks, and allows you to create detailed characters. The game is essentially a social MMO where players will have total control of the game economy, and get real money just playing.


In the game everything has a price, whether something as simple as a weapon, ammunition, to components, houses and even spaceships. Everything has a cost of PED (Project Entropia dollars). The players are who will decide which are the value and the price of the items, which depends on the demand, meaning that the items can be worth more or less at different times.

And most importantly, PED has a real money equivalent, since 10 PED have a value of 1 dollar (although this may fluctuate) and players can convert their PED in real money, or pay real money to get PED and buy items in the game. Although many players can spend money to do what they want, there is much potential to do business within the game, something which a lot of players have managed to do.


Players can get resources hunting animals, mining minerals or energy; these methods are the primary ways of making money and getting a head start in the game. When players begin their adventure, players will need to collect animal sweat, something that usually can provide 5 PED in one hour, depending on its success. From there, players can spend their PED to purchase weapons and ammunition for hunting, extractors and probes for mining, which will typically have limited uses (which means that players will have to buy more once they have used them) or become worn from use (and will either destroy if a Limited item, or can be repaired if an Unlimited item).


In the game you can craft hundreds of different items using blueprints, which can be limited or unlimited, since there are hundred blueprints that only let you make certain items a few times, while others allow you to make items indefinitely. These blueprints are used to create components that you can use to make more intricate components, or items, such as weapons, armors or vehicles. Players can use these items for themselves, or sell them in the auction house.


The players have the option to fight among them in exciting PvP battles, in specific areas of the planets; most of these battles will not allow you to plunder the bodies of defeated players, and when they die they simply reappear at a respawn location. There are other areas where players can loot items from the fallen enemies, such as valuable resources or components. Players are warned before entering these zones, for once they are inside their radar is shut off so they cannot see the location of other players and threats.

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