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Vikings: War of Clans F2P

GAME STYLE: Free to play Town Building Strategy

Vikings: War of Clans Free2Play Browser MMO


Set in a world of Viking conflict where various clans frequently clash against each other in battle to lay claim to territory and resources, or just because they love a good fight. Rule over one such clan as a Jarl and lead your fledgling town to prominence by constructing buildings, researching new knowledge, fielding a powerful military and squashing your rivals.


- Town building strategy with dozens of buildings to construct
- Build up an army from 30 types of troop
- Acquire resources and manage them
- Seek out the mysteries of knowledge through the Oracle
- Battle against AI or real player opponents
- 100% F2P
- Browser game


The core of Vikings: War of Clans revolves around building up a powerful town and army to compete against each other for ranks and rewards through PVP in later portions of the game. Players will be able to advance their town and people in peace, but ultimately the game focuses on players vs player conflict. Gathering, producing and looting resources will allow the player to advance their knowledge (technologies), construct new buildings that will unlock new features, and inevitably build up an army capable of fighting their opponents from their own settlement or by attacking player towns.


There are 30 different types of troop that players can train up to be part of their military force, from ranged combatants, melee, killer, siege and mounted, each with their own strengths and weaknesses:

Mercenary - Northern Mercenaries are melee focused combatants using heavy axes and two handed swords, they excel against cavalry and killer units but are weak against ranged and siege

Raider - A more improved cavalry they strike hard and fast and dominate ranged and siege units, but are weaker against killer and melee troops

Predatress - A boundless loyalty to her Jarl, thee ranged fighters are long range higher level assassins that display their prowess against melee and killer units, but are extremely vulnerable against siege and killer troops

Polybolos - A late game siege weapon that inflict carnage on the battlefield by raining down enormous barbed arrows onto their enemies; they are strong against melee and ranged, but weak to cavalry and killers

All units require upkeep in the form of food per hour, players must ensure they have enough food stored away and a constant income through their own production buildings or through raids.


With resources and pre-requisite 'knowledge' techs, players can construct a wide variety of buildings within their territory, using up fixed plots of land that can accommodate certain types of structure. It takes resources and time to construct or upgrade a building, upgrading improves the structures efficiency and output, but cannot be upgraded beyond the level of the town Palace building. Some building examples are:

Barracks - Required to train up troops that will make up the fighting forces for a town's army, used to attack rivals, raid settlements or defend their home town

Production - Whether farms (food), mines (iron), quarries (stone) or lumber mill (wood) production buildings are the heart of the town, providing a constant income of resources for the player to use

Forge - Used for crafting various items, weapons and armor for the Jarl to increase their abilities, as well as being able to improve materials

Watchtower – Allows a Jarl to keep an eye on the outskirts of their town and will alert them to approaching hostiles; when upgraded it allows players to better scout the global map and get more detailed information


Combat is initiated either when a player is attacked and forced to defend, or when they seek out an appropriate/lucrative target from the World Map and initiate raid. As combat is automated and lacks player involvement the skill/strategy comes into building up an efficient town and assembling a diverse selection of troops in their army to utilize their different strengths and combat their weaknesses. With an attack selected the troops march to their location and battle, straight after players will receive a Battle Report informing them of the success or failure of their attack, casulaties, spoils of war, and much more.


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