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Eredan iTCG is a medieval fantasy themed online trading card game where the players become heroes in a world where creatures of darkness begin to terrorize a land already torn apart by war a leader must be forged. Using a simulation similar to the mechanics of a physical card game players create their own deck of characters and spells to play against others in a mortal duel. Win matches, upgrade heroes or even participate in tournaments. Features Facebook integration allowing users to connect with friends or make new ones.

There’s also a wide selection of cards to collect and trade including spells and items. Some are unique to certain classes or characters providing bonus stats. Each signature hero card displays the character’s race, class, and associated guild. There are also a multi-classes system that allow players get brand new classes by combining the Mage, Warrior, Priest, and Marauder class.

Races :

Elfine, Golem, Guemelite, Human, Beast, Ice Elf, Hom’Chai, Undead, Solarian, and Unknown.


Mage – Sorcerers with powerful spells but are physically weak. Mages lose their physical attack abilities when they cast an offensive spell.

Marauder – Considered ill-tempered thieves or rogues this class utilizes their speed and strength. Although they lack the typical warrior’s stamina Marauders get +1 attack when battling a particular class.

Warrior – These skilled fighters accumulate the most hit points out of all the classes. They have the ability to chain a second card when the first one is a weapon or item listed on the hero’s card.

Craftsman – Handy little devils equipped with special items that can be attached to any active character in play.

Priest – Their secret weapon is the all mighty Theurgy Card which enables healing and the power to cripple opponents. Priests are one of the best supportive classes.


Noz’ Dingard Envoys – This guild possesses the best Mages in the world. Although higher in spirit levels Noz’ Dingard Envoys are weaker in areas of health and attack.

The Pirates – Mostly Craftsman equipped with cool contraptions and damaging weapons.

The Mercenaries – This group can join any particular guild. Their stats are average across the board.

Desert Nomads – Abundant in Priests there arsenal of spell cards make them a worthy opponent.

Sap Hearts – In tune with the environment this class made up of Warriors and Mages cast powerful nature spells to destroy enemies.

Zil Warriors – Army of Marauders with high attack stats and good defense. They’re generally lower in health than other guilds.

Kotoba – Warriors with custom equipment to eliminate foes quickly. There are no Priests in this clan and only a couple of Mages.

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