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GAME STYPE: Free to play Space Sci-fi MMORPG


A sci-fi space themed MMORPG EVE Online provides an entire galaxy of open world content where players can define their own place, choose their path and progression, engage in content and features that most appeal to them, and build up a life in this complex and multi-faceted title.


- Massive galaxy of star systems to discover and explore
- 300+ ships to choose from
- Craft gear and customize your ships to purpose
- Choose your own focus: mine, craft, scavenge, combat and exploration
- Open world and Faction based PVP
- Full PVP Looting system
- Create or join huge player run Corporations
- Free to play account options
- Unique PLEX subscription


When the EVE Gate was discovered, a wormhole which lead to another galaxy, mankind thought they had found the chance for a fresh start, to try and rectify where they went wrong on Earth and so the largest colonizing effort humankind had ever seen went underway. Millions headed through the wormhole to the named New Eden, but the collapse of the EVE Gate left them stranded and scattered far from their home world. Millennia have passed and the survivors have flourished into four major factions that now battle for control over the star systems of New Eden.


EVE Online is an MMORPG like many others, players start by creating their character and choosing one of the 4 available factions that serve as the major forces in New Eden; Minmatar Republic, Gallente Federation, Amarr Empire or Caldari State. From here players take on the life of a Capsuleer, a pilot who has their skills and knowledge implanted into clone bodies that are directly fit into their high-tech spaceships; if they are destroyed when in the process of serving their faction then they are simply respawned into a new clone body. The key element of EVE Online is its pure open sandbox element, players are not forced into any particular direction, there are no compulsory quest chains to advance, players can choose if they wish to focus on mining, hauling cargo, industry, hunting down players as pirates, or battling in the Faction Warfare system.


Whilst crafting, hauling freight, scavenging wrecks or completing PVE missions focused on battling AI enemies are all options, the fact is that the distant galaxy known as New Eden is a warzone and the threats of enemy players is constant. The galaxy is broken down into different “security” zones, ranging from null-sec (no security) to high-sec (high security), regardless of the area players can always attack each other, and if destroying an opponent's ship they are able to loot all their cargo and components. The main difference is that high-sec has the benefit of being protected by CONCORD, an AI controlled entity that enforces the law and will send huge cruisers to disable and destroy and criminals in an area that have performed “illegal” acts, such as attacking an innocent player. However, if a player is carrying an extremely valuable and profitable cargo, then a rival might consider it worth taking a risk to try and take down their opponent, grab the loot then get out before CONCORD show up!


The game has shifted from a subscription only model to now include a free to play version of the game, by playing for free players get access to an “Alpha Clone” character/account that gives them full access to the game but with a number of key restrictions such as level/skill advancement rate and a limited number of available player ships. By purchasing PLEX, an item bought with real cash but which appears in game as a tradeable item, players are able to use it and apply it to their account to upgrade to “Omega Clone” status and get all the benefits. Players can purchase PLEX and sell them for ISK (the games main currency) offering a developer approved method to indirectly purchasing game currency, it also means that players who are active in game and have acquired lots of ISK through playing can actually opt to purchase their PLEX/subscription using in-game currency as opposed to spending real cash.


Operating System: Windows 7 or above / OS X 10.9 or above
Processor: 2.0 GHz Dual Core
Memory: 2GB
Hard Drive Space: 20GB
Graphics: Shader Model 3 support, 256MB virtual RAM
DirectX Ver: 9.0c

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