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The Syndicate (Alliance) also has its own headquarters which is established in one of the economic zones. These headquarters must be expanded by the Syndicaate in order to be able to make actions.

The Claims on the moon serve as dismantlings and carriers of the ore and as a starting point for your military operations.

Group headquarters
In your group headquarters on the planet, a research laboratory is available to you. You can use this lab to investigate and research different abilities and unlock new possibilities for yourself.


Deployment Zone
The troops of the attacker are in the deployment zone where units can be moved from. An attacker also has the ability to deploy its troops in the deployment zone to advance at a later time. The defender can attack this deployment zone directly.

Defense Zone
There are five divided fields in the Defense Zone in which different tactics with individual troops are positioned. The attacker must move forward during an attack in each of these zones.


Economic zones
There are eight economic zones. At the beginning of the game, you must decide in which of the zones your enterprise should be located. Supported by 22er Ore, you can sell your ore within these zones. The sales duties are set by the Council of the respective economic zones which effect the seller.

22MOON AT WAR can be played in full-screen mode. The overall page layout adapts to your current screen resolution. Depending on the resolution of the monitor, it is possible to see more areas of the game world at the same time. Through our intuitive „Click-and-Drag“ function, you can move through the entire game world. There is no need to reload the page and no advertisements which could disturb the perfect gaming experience.

22 MOON AT WAR is a strategic building game where you run your own mining enterprise. The goal is to mine the ore from the moon of Gliese 581 c and bring it to the planet. On the moon of Gliese 581 c, the corporations and their means are justified to protect their own Claims and to learn new habits. Military strength and tactical skills are needed in order to survive the grueling competition.

Council members
The most successful ten players in each zone will be the zone council members. This zone council fix the daily tax amounts for the next trading day. The rates are configured once a week. The customs taxes which are paid are to be divided among the respective players within their own respective zones.

Fleet and troops
There are two carrier classes. The first one is the Ore Carrier, which is used to transport the 22er Ore. The second one is the Troop Carrier, which is used to transport your combat units.

22er Ore
The Ore which you mine in your Claim, it must be transported to your Planet. There, you can sell it through your enterprise headquarters to other economic zones. The selling price is dependant upon the sale quantities within the respective zone the day before. When selling 22er Ore within your own zone, you do not pay any taxes.

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