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FantasyRama is a new free-to-play browser-based farm management and garden simulation MMO promising to bring the mainstay of gardening and nurturing together with the fair portion of social interaction. Players will be able to tend their own magical gardens and to breed and look after mystical creatures while sharing their gaming experience with their friends.

- charming graphics with detailed designs
- cooperative interaction with other players
- no download required
- completely free-to-play
- comprehensive farming and breeding systems
- unique fantasy setting

When embarking on an adventurous trip to the world of FantasyRama, players will encounter its inhabitants who are as mysterious as the land itself. They will plant and harvest herbs and other magical plants, and acquire the magical power to defend the world.

You will have to deploy beds, select seeds, grow plants, and harvest. Every harvest will grant experience points and more plants of the same sort. In order to accelerate the growth and to have an earlier harvest, you can use Ambrosia, Pixie Dust or water, which can be bought with Star Coins or Lunar Crystals. The seeds, small trees, and animals you need for your plantation and breeding can be purchased from the bazaar. This is where you will also sell your harvest in order to earn money.

Dozens of mysterious plants such as Jade Clover, Gilded Bulbs, Red Gorge Lilly, and Toadstool are unlocked as you reach required levels. Trees and animals like Elderberriy and Blossom's Gecko and their upgrades will gradually be available as you level up.

Players are moreover able to home, for example, a Blossom's Gecko or a Poison Dart Frog in their garden. They will have to produce their food, water them, and clean up. They will have to make sure that they always have enough plants in stock in order to be able to produce their food.

While being completely free-to-play, FantasyRama also offers a premium currency which is called Lunar Crystals. These can be purchased with real money in order to exchange them against the regular in-game currency Star Coins, to accelerate the growth, to buy Pixie Dust, Magical Feed, etc.

Additionally, players are free to opt for a premium membership, granting several advantages and benefits and thus making their in-game life a whole lot easier. Premium member enjoy an unlimited source of water, 6 additional neighbours, get an extra toss at the whishing well, are protected against thorns, and some other benefits.

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