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Ether Saga Odyssey is a free-to-play 3D fantasy MMORPG with anime cartoon styled graphics set in a world filled with adventure where players will set off for distant lands, battle fearsome enemies and help to prevent the world's destruction. It features a slew of unique features and systems that make the game truly one of a kind. Once inside the game world, players can earn and spend money to upgrade a large variety of items to enhance their game play experience.

- 4 races and 8 classes to choose from
- A huge game world divided into PvE and PvP realms with lots of towns and regions to discover
- Wide variety of instances and events
- Wide range of customisation and enhancement options
- Clan and alliance features
- In-depth vocation and crafting systems
- Intricate pet training system

Pets play an important role during the adventures in Ether Saga as they assist in fights, defend and even heal their character. Players are also able to merge with a pet, resulting in their pet taking half of the incoming damage while summoning your pet will bring it out to help you in combat. In addition, certain pets give different bonuses when fusing with them. Characters can simultaneously have one pet summoned and one pet fused.

The Ren are the archetypal human race running most of the major cities. They have advanced technology, societies and political systems, as well as a great influence. It's their task to collect fragments of the Divine Chalice which were scattered about the world.

The individuals of these celestial Demigod race keep mostly to themselves focusing on spiritual cultivation and reaching higher levels of consciousness. They have been instructed to capture a certain pig demon actually being the reincarnation of a powerful general. Known for their fair looks, and creative hairstyles, they are appreciated for being rather attractive.

The Yaoh were once animals but through advanced spiritual cultivation they were acknowledged by Heaven and granted acceptance as powerful and worthy of respect. Their goal is to find the Sacred Ark. Without this vessel the sacred knowledge cannot be brought to the Middle Kingdom.

Belonging to a demon race, the Mogui have distinctive horns and were hidden away from the mortal realm long ago by those fearing their power. Eventually, they broke free from their confinement and were unleashed upon the world once more.

Maven (Mogui)
Maven are hybrid casters who specialise in blessing allies, as well as crippling enemies with curses. They may advance to become a Magus or Seraph.

Shaman (Yaoh)
Shamans are hammer wielding hybrids utilising healing magic as well as powerful melee attacks. They may advance to become a Templar or Heretic.

Mystic (Shenzu)
Mystics are defensive magicians with the ability to heal and shield allies through protective magic. They may advance to become a Priest or Shura.

Hellion (Mogui)
The Hellions are dual-wielding axe warriors able to focus their rage to inflict tremendous amounts of damage. They may advance to become a Warlord or Ruiner.

Rogue (Yaoh)
Rogues are dagger wielding vagabonds capable of rendering themselves invisible, and poisoning their weapon. They may advance to become a Defiler or Assassin.

Conjurer (Shenzu)
Conjures are offensive wizards channeling their power to invoke elemental spells. They may advance to become a Pyromancer or Tempest.

Dragoon (Ren)
Dragoons are lance wielding guardians charging into battle with the heaviest of armour. They may advance to become a Guardian or Vanguard.

Ranger (Ren)
Equipped with a bow, Rangers are ranged attackers who ensnare their target, and rain arrows down on their prey from afar. They may advance to become a Marksman or Seeker.

The game world is divided into PvE and a PvP realms; player killing is only possible in PvP realms and outside of towns which are safe zones. Until reaching a character level of 45, new players can't take part in PvP and are unable to be attacked by others. On top of that there's also a penalty system incorporated letting players gain infamy from killing others. The lower your victim's level is, the more infamy you will receive. When you're killed in PvP, you'll drop items, there's also a special realm for territory wars where all players can engage in PvP regardless of level; there are no penalties for PK. This feature sees alliances fight for the control over territories granting special benefits and rewards.

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