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Game of Emperors F2P

GENRE: MMO F2P Empire Building
DEVELOPERS: Imperia Online


Game of Emperors provides a free to play browser based strategy experience where players can run their own city, build up an army and go head to head with other players from around the world in a medieval Empire expanding MMO. Learn the art of managing your resources, master the tactics behind the strengths and weaknesses of yours and your opponent's armies and how to exploit them, deal with trade and diplomacy and form powerful alliances.


- Huge world filled with hundreds of real players
- Expand your Empire and find PVP conflict
- Research technologies, construct buildings and advance your city
- Train up new soldiers to fight in your army
- Master the art of espionage with your own spy network
- 100% F2P
- Browser based gameplay


The game's core focus is a PVP MMO, whilst in the early game players will primarily focus on simply trying to create an efficient city with various structures and fortifications that will allow them to acquire resources in order to advance, upgrade and ultimately field as large an army as possible to battle with other players. With automated/off-screen combat that is shown through battle reports and long queue times for construction/training/research, much of the game happens offline with players simply making their choice of what they want the various parts of the Empire to do and/or build whilst the player logs off; upon the players return they can find out what happened with their battles and start new tasks.

The game guides players initially with basic tutorial tasks to allow them to build up their city, but from the tutorial this guidance/structured advancement continues in the form of quests where players can earn various rewards for completing tasks.


One of the key areas of the game is acquisition and management of resources, with various production resources and Gold to accrue, players spend this by researching new technologies (which unlocks new functions, upgrades and buildings), constructing various buildings and training up new units as part of the standing army. There are various ways to bring in new resources, primarily through city buildings themselves, but also through raids against rival outposts, settlements and player cities. Players must also manage their time, with some tasks taking hours to complete it requires some planning ahead to determine the needs of the Empire, more so when considering troop movement around the map and making an assault players need to ensure they are not leaving their own city vulnerable in the process where it may take too long to return troops to defend.


There are five different buildings that supply the key units players can control: Archery Barracks, Infantry Barracks, Cavalry Barracks, Siege Workshop and Spy School. The first four types of unit are typically combat focused and used to attack and defend in battles against AI and other players, each unit is weak against certain units and strong against other, but all can be upgraded through different technologies. The 'Siege Workshop' is also able to construct Supply Wagons that allow players to return with much more looted resources from a successful raid, but play no part in the actual battle.


Spies are a specialist unit that are used for gathering important intel about rivals, whether player or AI, and once sent to a base through the world map they can be used to infiltrate it and gather knowledge on the targets strengths, available army and more importantly its composition. This kind of intel can ensure a player with huge army of Cavalry isn't leading an attack onto a force comprised mostly of spearmen who will decimate the mounted units. With espionage also comes the option of counter-espionage and players can take actions to avoid such secrets getting out.


The game provides content for free but does have a premium cash currency in the form of Diamonds; with Diamonds players can rush construction, training and research, purchase the VIP access for various boosts and bonuses, or purchase any missing resources they may need. The Imperial Shop also offers Diamond-only purchases ranging from a 'Lucky Charm' to increase the success rate of opening 'Bountiful Gift' chests from the temple, XP boosts for generals and even extra 'Enhanced' boosts to make units stronger in combat.



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