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Games of Glory is a traditional MOBA with several classic features of the genre, which also implements its own systems and takes place in a futuristic world where the players embody clone combatants which fight in gladiator pits of the future. The game focuses on team based PvP battles in which players will have to prove their worth and learn to work as a team to beat the enemy teams and complete the objectives of the different arenas.


12 different clones with more to be added
2 unique arenas with their own goals
Improve the skills and the weapons of your clones during the battles
Team focused strategic PvP Battles
Free to play


The game is inspired by the classical MOBA control systems, in which skills are linked to the QWER keys, and were we move and attack with our clones using the mouse. The game also features an alternative control system that allows us to move or clones with the WASD keys, allowing us to execute dynamic move-and-fire tactics. As players fight in the arenas they get credits and experience that can be used to improve their skills and to buy weapons, which will be used to unlock more powerful weapons. One of the unique elements of the game is that players are not limited to using a single type of weapon, so they can carry either melee or ranged weapons, and use them when its necessary.


Players can choose from twelve different characters, classified in 5 different roles: support, carry, tank, assassin and scout, each one with its own play style and skills.

Deadball - This clone uses a scientifically engineered ball and chain as its main weapon, both his weapon and his name come from the time that he was imprisoned on an asteroid prison because of his violent history as a member of a gand; among the stories that he explains he says that his nickname comes from when it crushed the skull of another inmate using his ball and chain.

Grendel - This beast given to the Synarch by Khain Corp to compete in the Games of Glory, is a murderous creature that always rebels to their keepers, and that in the bettlefield hunts its prey using sticky mucus to beat them savagely with bestial fury; But beneath its appearance, Grendel is a creature that only wants to break free of its chains.

Molly - Molly is a biotech obsessive, which has invested a fortune augmenting his body to become the best fighter in the arenas. It is capable of plant traps and call orbital attacks while she explores the battlefield and eye out for her teammates.

Saga - One of many children taken to the Synarch's guard, which was practically torn to pieces in one of his first battles, but its strength and perseverance would not allow her to surrender, and she rebuild his body with augments and magnetic technologies that allow her to move at great speed around the battlefield and pull enemies to her.


Currently the game has two arenas, each of them with its own design and objectives:

Arkashan – Starting at each end of the two lane arena the objective is to get to the enemy Energy Core and destroy it, located in their base and defended by a forcefield and two turret towers. To get access to the core players must control the three Control Points on the map, each of which can be taken and retaken, that will drop the forcefield to the enemies' base to directly attack it.

Svandia – Using the same MOBA controls the Svandia Arena is more of a team VIP deathmatch where in a 3v3 one person on each team is highlight as the Allstar and flagged up with a coloured star around their character for all to see. Kill the enemy Allstar and the team will win the round, the first to win five rounds will win the game.


Each clone has 4 different skills that are progressively unlocked as the game go forward and the clones get experience, and these skills have multiple effects, like make damage, control enemies or support the allies. In the game there are no Melee or Ranged only combatants, because they can use the two types of weapon and change between them when necessary (the ranged weapons have limited ammo); in the arenas clones can buy weapons using the credits earned in battle from Minions or taking control of the Bonus Points. When you buy a weapon, you will unlock more powerful weapons that you can buy as the game goes on.


Operating System: Windows XP+
Processor: SSE2 instruction set support
Memory: 1GB
Hard Drive Space: 3GB
Graphics: Shader Model 2.0 support
DirectX: 9.0

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