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In Arena of Fate, the humanity is on the brink of destruction and famous characters from history, fiction and mythology are brought to life to fight against each other in an attempt to save the mankind. The game is a fast-paced free-to-play MOBA which offers intense combats full of action, and interesting features that keeps the game fresh.


30 characters planned at launch from history, fiction and mythology
Unique map with three lanes
Choose the role of your characters every match
Stay in the battle with passive healing and infield level ups
Fast 5v5 team based PvP battles


The game is a classic MOBA where players can choose from a huge selection of heroes and legends and fight with them in fast-paced 5v5 matches. Players have 20 minutes to try to achieve victory, killing enemy players, destroying enemy towers and the enemy base. The map is divided into three lanes, two of them connecting the bases and the middle lane leading to a tower which can be controlled to debuff the enemy team's towers.


The game includes an extensive cast of 30 playable characters which includes iconic characters from history, fiction and mythology, classified into various classes like casters, tanks, assassins, supports and more. Each hero has a unique background, skills and gameplay style.

Little Red Riding Hood -This cunning a girl, armed with a sword named “Big Bad Wolf”, became a world-famous Wolf Hunter, after his grandmother's death.

Fenrir – This powerful wolf from Norse mythology that killed Odin uses his huge strength as well as his ability to control fire to destroy his opponents.

Robin Hood – The Archer is the famous hero of the Sherwood Forest, a deadly combatant who strikes from the shadows.

Van Helsing – This famous monster Hunter, is equipped with a lethal crossbow which he uses against all monsters that stand in his way.

Jack the Ripper - The infamous Whitechapel serial killer uses cleavers to bring a swift end to his unsuspecting victims

In addition to these heroes and villains players can choose to play with Frankenstein's Monster, Sherlock Homes, Nikola Tesla, Jesse James, William Wallace, Cleopatra, Joan of Arc, El Chupacabra and many more.


In Arena of Fate the characters are not trapped in a role, because players can choose their preferred role at the beginning of each match. That gives players the freedom to use the same character with different roles and capacities. They can choose the typical roles such as tank, sieger or assassin, which allows them to create a huge variety of different hybrids and roles to explore.


Due to the limited time of the matches players can improve and heal their characters without having to return to their base. When a player level up their character, he can choose from a huge variety of traits and perks to improve the attacks, skills and defences of his hero; as well as this the players can regenerate the health of their heroes when they are in their own controlled territory.

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